I’m Here (Captain America/Steve Rogers X Reader)

   Steve didn’t seem to be right after you and the other’s tried to stop Ultron. No one else seems to be noticing, but you figured that’s because he hides it so well from the others and they’re caught up from what they had to see in their visions. Steve is cutting the wood outside, while the others were off doing their own thing.

   You walk outside, shoving your hands in you [choice of color] sleeveless vest pockets. “Hey.” You say stopping as he swings the axe down on the wood, breaking it into three.

   “Hey.” He says picking up the wood and tossing it to the pile. You take a seat on the bench and watched as Steve grabbed another log. You pick up a cup and swayed it towards Steve (making sure it’s his,) and he nods. You take a sip and put it down. “Feeling alright?” He asked just before swinging the axe down on the log.

  You nod and fold your arms. “I was about to ask you the same thing.” You say flicking your hair off your shoulder.

  “I’m fine. You don’t need to worry about me.” Steve says with an unconvincing smile as he grabs some of the pieces of wood and tosses them to a pile.

  You frown at him and shake your head. You look at Clint’s house and see the kids outside on the porch coloring. A grin tugs at the corner of your mouth, giving you a slight bit of happiness. But your grin drops quickly when you look at Steve again. He just got done breaking the log again.

  You get up and help him toss some of the wood in the pile. “You haven’t answered my question.” He said grabbing another log. You step away from the stump as he swings the axe down on the log.

  “And you haven’t given me an honest answer.” You counter. Steve stopped and looked at you over his shoulder. “I know you better than you think.” You say in a small voice as a pang seems to linger in your chest.

  He looked away and he shook his head. “I said–”

  “What did you see?” You cut in, slowly taking steps towards him. “You can tell me.” You slip your hand into his and lean your head on his shoulder.

  “It was just memories…” He muttered. You move your head off his shoulder and look at him. “…and other things.” You look down at nothing in particular and nod.

  “Things that terrify you.” You say sitting on the bench, crossing your leg over the other. Steve nods and sits next to you.

  “Yeah… something like that.” He admitted with a nod. “I saw the war and um… a dance.” You look at Steve and you know who he saw, he tried to avoid eye contact with you.

   “You saw Peggy.” You say with a sympathetic sigh. He nods and looks down and away from you. “It’s okay to admit. I know how much you loved her.” You lean on him and he let’s out a sigh. “Sorry I pried.”

  Steve stands up to go chop the wood again and you quickly follow him, stopping him in his tracks as you wrapped your arms around him and lay your head on his chest. He wraps his arms around your, laying his head on yours. You feel a tear roll down your cheek and you don’t know if it’s relief or your own sadness finally releasing.

  Just as an alarm to go off, Tony’s voice comes up. “Ugh you two, get a room.” He said sarcastically. You and Steve pull away looking over at Tony. You quickly wipe the tear away and act as if you were pulling your hair back away from your face.

  “Why? Enjoying the show?” You counter with a smirk. Tony shrugged and shook his head.

  “Watching an old man hugging it out with a younger girl. Not my style.” Tony responded with an imitation of a shrug.

  You look at Steve and see that he feels a bit awkward. “Whatever.” You say before planting a long kiss on Steve’s lips. “I don’t about you Tony, but I sure enjoyed that.” Steve had a slight tint of pink flush on his cheeks and Tony rolled his eyes.

  “You two are disgusting.” He said as he grabs an axe and a log.

  “At least I’m not dating hired help.” You say count with a sly grin.
  “That was–” Tony started.

  “I meant nothing against Pepper. Just keep in mind who you’re messing with.” You say with a raised brow. Steve awkwardly went to the stump and grabbed the axe to break the logs again, you take a sip of Steve’s drink and realize it’s almost empty. “Want me to refill your drink?”

   “Sure.” Steve said grabbing a log.

  You nod and walk back into Clint’s house to get him some more to drink. “Hey guys! Need anymore crayons?” You ask Clint’s kids. They both shake their heads and you walk inside. “Hey Laura, where’s the punch at?” You shout out to Clint’s wife.

  “On the counter in the kitchen!” She shouts from upstairs.

  “Thank you!” You shout as you walk to the kitchen.

   You go in the kitchen and grab the pitcher. You began to pour some punch in the cup. “Hey” You almost let out a shout and dropped the pitcher. “Woah! Sorry.” Clint said with a chuckle.

  “No, no I’m sorry.” You say bending down and grabbing the pitcher, the juice is all over the floor. “Where’s a towel? I’ll clean it up.” Clint tosses you the towel from the counter and you quickly went down and started wiping up the juice.

  Clint bent down with another towel and helped. “Don’t worry about it, the kids do this all the time.”

  “If you haven’t noticed, I’m twenty-six.” You say with a smirk. As you scoop up the ice in the towel and then toss it in the sink.

   Clint turns on the sink and begins to rinse off his towel. “I’ve had my fair share of spills in my lifetime.” He said to lighten your embarrassment.

  You smile and begin to rinse out yours. “Want me to mop up?” You ask wiping your hair out of your face.

  “No, I got it.” Clint says already grabbing the mop.

   You nod and look at Steve’s glass, at least you got it a little over half full. “I’m gonna go and um… give Steve his drink. Sorry about the whole, spilling the juice all over the floor thing.” You say picking up the drink.

  Clint laughed and said. “Don’t worry about it. It’s fine.” He grabs the mop and began wiping up the floor as you began to leave the kitchen. You stop a couple of feet out of the kitchen and quickly turned around.

  “Clint?” You say entering the kitchen with a small voice that could be mistaken for a child’s. He hummed and looked up at you with raised brows. “Thank you for helping us back there. You really held yourself back there.” You say with sincerity.

  “Just part of the job.” He said with a shrug as he finished up his mopping job. “Besides, you guys are family. I couldn’t leave you behind, even if I wanted to.” You smiled at him and shook your head.

  “Aren’t you suppose to delivering your drink to Cap?” He asked, nodding at the drink in your hand.

 “Umm, yeah. I’ll go do that.”  You say turning on your heels and leaving the kitchen. You exit the house to see the kids have left the porch, leaving crayons scattered all over and the pictures nowhere to be seen.

   You smiled, because of the possible excitement the kids had when they went to go show their mom their newly drawn pictures. Wasn’t life more simple as a child? Never caring what time it was, never cared what was going to happen tomorrow. Just always wanting to play and knowing nothing but that. You’re happy for Clint and his wife. You’re happy that they have all of this. Wouldn’t that be a dream life of living?

  Maybe you and Steve could have a life– Wait, what’s going on? You look at Tony and Steve and see they are a bit heated in a discussion. Steve really looks ticked. Gotta be the peacemaker again, you walk over to them to only be at the end of it.

  Tony shook his head and walked off, leaving you to stand there awkwardly with Steve. “What was that all about?” You asked.

  “Tony being Tony.” Steve said with a grumble. You give Steve his drink which he gulps down half of it and wipes his mouth.

  “I wanna go at that.” You say pointing at the axe. “It looks fun.” He chuckles and hands you the axe. He instructs you on how to chop the wood. In the middle of his instructions you just swing down and say. “Think I got it.” He chuckles and shakes his head, kissing you on the cheek, making you blush a little.

  “No matter what happens, I’ll protect you.” He said in a whisper and he held your hand. You grinned and looked out at the pasture. It won’t be long till you and the team have to face war again, you hope you can do the same as he will do for you when the time comes.


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