You’re Late (Robin/Dick Grayson X Reader)

   You sit on a bench in front of a small diner. This is the fifth time Dick has been late and you know the reasons why. You sigh as you stare at your phone screen, hoping that a text message or a call may come in. But nothing.

   It’s seven-thirty and he should’ve been here by seven. You shake your head, having no hope that he’ll come. You stand up from the bench, sliding your back over your shoulder. You knew the dating Dick would be hard to manage, but it always seem to disappoint you.

   You start heading for your apartment, maybe somehow you’d bump into him on your way.

   Just then your cell rings, a course of excitement jumps through your body. You quickly look at the screen and see that it is in fact Dick. You click the answer button and put the cell to your ear.

   “Got caught up again?” You asked over the phone.

   “Sorry, [y/n].” Dick says. “You know Bruce, he’s always hard on me.”

   You let out a sigh and brush your fingers through your [h/c] hair. “This is the fifth time.” You say with an agitated tone. “How does he always know when to mess everything up?”

   You hear a small laugh that you love so much and can’t help yourself but grin. “Yeah I know.” Dick said with a sigh. “But uh… what are you doing?”

   “Starting to head home.” You say feeling a pang of guilt. “I figured you weren’t going to make it again.” The other end of the phone got quiet, really quiet. You pull the phone from your ear and see if the call dropped, but it’s still connected. You put the phone back to your ear and say

   “Dick? Are you there?” You wait for your response, but it stays silent. “Dick, stop messing with me.” You say aggravated but you still smile anyway.

   You feel arms gently wrap around your waist with the crinkling sound of a bag. “Yeah, I’m still here.” Dick’s voice comes from behind. You smile widely, putting your phone back into your pocket.

   Dick’s chin rests on top of your head and he grips flowers in front of you.

   You hold onto his arms on your waist, closing your eyes with a smile. He always knew what to do to make you smile. “Hey.” You say at last.

   “Hey.” He echoes back. He kisses the side of your head and bumps the flowers on your nose playfully for you to take. Giggling you take the flowers and spin around to him. His arms still wrapped around your waist. “Told you I’d make it.” He whispered as he leaned his forehead onto yours.

   You give him a smile and place your free hand onto the side of his face. “You’re late.” You say jokingly. He huffs a small laugh and presses his lips to yours. You felt surprised but couldn’t help but kiss him back. He pulls away gently, breaking the kiss.

   “Still mad at me?” He asked giving me an innocent look in those perfect blue eyes.

   “Wasn’t mad with you in the first place.” You say kissing him again.


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