Injured Pt.1 (Newt X Reader)

Part 1

  You have been in the Glades for two months now and there’s only a few people who you really trust. The first one would be Newt. He showed you around the Glade, introduced you to some people, but only on times he could spare since he was so busy being a Runner. The next would be Minho, he arrived at the Glade a month before you and you two hit off and became great friends almost overnight.

  The last one would be James, only because you and him worked together on the farms. You two became friends over a long period of time from small talks. It took him a while, but he opens up to you. Farming is your specialty, ever since you arrived in the Glade you quickly became familiar with farming. And you didn’t mind getting your hands dirty.

  But you had strange feelings about Newt that you somehow didn’t understand. Everytime he’d smile at you or even his laugh set you off, it was like you were running for miles and your heart beat is trying to catch up with you. You grinned to yourself when you thought of Newt’s smile as you pulled out a weed.

  “Hey [y/n], what’re you smiling about?” James asked, pulling you out of your trance. You wiped your forehead with your forearm, getting rid of the sweat that developed over the past two hours.

  “It’s nothing.” You say shaking your head, trying to dismiss the conversation. James raised his brows at you and you laughed. “Really James, it’s nothing.” You laughed as you through a lump of dirt at his shoulder. He chuckled, brushing the dirt off his shoulder.

  “It can’t just be nothing.” He said with a sly grin. You roll your eyes in response, pulling on a weed. This one was a bit stuck in there, you got on you feet and tried to pull it out. It was stuck on something. “That weed’s deep in there.” He said.

  “You think?” You asked with a grunt as you tried to pull. You lose your grip and fall onto your bottom, James laughing in the process. “Shut up you, slinthead!” You said rubbing your bottom to relieve the pain. “You try and pull the shuck thing out.” You dared with a glare.

  He shrugged and tried to pull out the weed, his muscles tense on his upper arms as he pulled. “Wow.” He said relaxing his arms for a moment, but refusing to let go of the weed. “Get the trowel.” He ordered with a now serious tone. You heed his order and picked up the trowel. Then got on the other side of the weed.

  “Okay, I need you to-”

  “I know what I’m doing.” You cut in, pushing the trowel down, until only the handle is visible. “Alright ready?” he nods and began to pull on the weed, grunting in the process. You push hard with the trowel, pushing it up against the weeds stem and hopefully it’s roots.

  The things snapped and made crunching sounds, then finally it released. James flew back with the weed in his hands and the trowel flies up, throwing dirt onto your head. James got the worst of it though, the dirt that clutched onto the weed fell on his chest and all over his face.

  “You – you okay?” You asked in between your laughs. Your stomach began to hurt from laughing so much. He got up, wiping the dirt off his forehead. Giving you a miserable look. You tried to say something, but then laughed again.

  He threw dirt onto your head and you merely laughed. “Thanks, I needed more dirt on my head.” You say sarcastically as you shook the dirt out of your hair.

  “Hey Shanks, what’d I say about playing in the dirt!” Alby’s voice came from behind you. You tensed, knowing you could possibly be in trouble. You turn around to see Alby walking to the both of you. “What happened?” He asked folding his arms over his chest.

 “Um… the weed was stuck.” Was all you could say, trying to avoid his glare. “Jay, show him.” You nod to James and he shows the weed, roots and all.

  Alby furrows his brows at you two and says. “Alright, go get cleaned up. Dinner is in a half hour.” He ordered. You two nod as Alby turns and walks away.

  “Party pooper…” You muttered under your breath. James only chuckled in response, tossing the weed into a bucket. “See you at dinner then…” You trailed off, looking at the south entrance to the Maze.

  James gave you a weird look and looked over his shoulder to find what you were looking at. “What is it, [n/n]?” He asked looking back at you. You get up, shoving your hand on your knee, ignoring the question.

  “Something’s wrong.” You say to yourself, to be sure your thoughts are clear. James gives you a strange look, a crease on his forehead indicates his confusion. You watch as Gladers run to the maze, in panic.

  You shake your head and run to the group of people, hoping Newt is okay. You push through the group of people to get in front and saw Alby run in to help whoever is out there. You pushed through and saw Newt’s arm around Minho’s shoulder, his leg looked flimsy. You cover your mouth over your hand as your eyes widen.

  Instinctively you run out to help your friend, Gladers reached their hands out to you to try and snatch you back. “Newt!” You called out in a panicked and breathless tone. Alby whipped around just in time to see you dart past him. You’ve never ran so fast and so hard in your life.

  You wrapped Newt’s other arm around your shoulder and Minho gave you a questioning look. “Move, you shuck face!” You said forcefully to Minho. His eyes widen in surprise at your force, Newt’s eyes are closed, beads of sweat dripped down from his forehead, he’s breathing roughly.

  Finally Minho moves forward with you, Alby walked over and tried to help, but there was no need for him at the time. Alby tried to rush the pair to move Newt faster to the doors, it only has two minutes until it closes. “What happened, Minho?” Alby asked switching places with him as they got to their halfway point.

  “Griever… it got… a hold of him… snapped his… leg.” Minho panted as he walked beside Alby and you. “One… minute…” He said nodding to the maze’s door. Alby and you pick up the pace and got Newt across the door in time.

  You and Alby place Newt down, someone yelled for the med-jacks. “Newt?” You say placing a hand on his forehead. His head is so hot, he feels as hot as oven. “He’s burning up…” You say making a note to yourself. Gladers all pile around the scene, you ignore all of their gazes. “Where’s the Med-Jacks?” You asked forcefully.

  Everyone shrugs and exchanges looks of confusion. You are not only good are farming, but you’re an excellent person with medical. Finally the med-jacks arrive picking up Newt. “C’mon [y/n], we may need your help.” Clint says as you were glued to your spot.

  You nod, happy to follow them so you could help. Gally gives you a glare when you pass him and you snarl at him. He backs up and allows you through. You follow the med-jacks who are surprisingly fast carrying Newt to the homestead. You jog quickly passed them and open the door for the med-jacks to carry Newt in. Alby has been surprisingly quiet, probably because he knows how you are.

  The med-jacks carry Newt up and place him on the medical cots. You grabs a stool and sat next to his Newt’s injured leg. You bite your lip and slowly rolled up his pant leg. “Careful.” Clint said with a small voice. You nod and rolled your eyes.

  Newt moaned in pain, the first sound he’s made since he’s entered the Glades. You give him a frown and then looked at his expose injury. You cringe at the site. It purple around his ankle, bloated and his legs bleeding heavily. You almost vomit but contain yourself, you glanced over at Clint as he is looking pretty green himself.

  “Oh man…” Clint said in a low whisper. Probably trying to not vomit. “Jeff, get um… get something for that.” Clint said looking really weak to the stomach.

  Jeff came by with a needle and ordered you to sit by Newt. You gave Newt a frown as his head is going back and forth, probably trying to cope with the excruciating pain that you can’t imagine him going through. You placed a hand on his forehead, he cringes at your touch. His temperature hasn’t went down.

  “Guys, he’s boiling hot.” You state with a worried tone. The two boys mumble to each other, Clint get up and gives Jeff a bottle of liquid. “What is that?” You ask with a shaky tone.

  “It helps relieve pain and reduce fevers.” Jeff said concentrating on the needle with the bottle of liquid. Clint nods to Jeff’s statement. “Hold him down.” Jeff nods to you. You bite your lip and looked at Newt.

  “[y/n]!” Clint said forcefully. You quickly jumped off your seat and held both of Newt’s arms down, one of your arms pressing on his chest to hopefully keep him still. “One… two… three…” Your eyes widen, because you weren’t ready completely.

  Newt lets out an excruciating scream, making your eyes water up. Why do you care so much for Newt? Even when he’s in pain you cringe and feel the pain with him. He tries to wiggle out of your arms, tears burning at the back of your eyes. “JUST GET IT BLOODY OVER WITH!” You found yourself shouting at the two Med-Jacks. You realized how much that sounded like Newt and somehow your cheeks went red.

  A tear left Newt’s eye, making your heart sink. His breaths are hard and quick, your afraid it’ll hurt even more if they kept going. They both say something about a possible fracture and they clean his wounds and bandage him up fast. You found it hard to keep Newt still leaning over him, you throw a leg over him, practically pushing your whole body on top of him.

  This makes your body shutter and you shake your head, getting whatever what went through you out of your mind. “Newt, calm down.” You say softly, close to his ear so the others won’t hear. “Newt, it’s okay.” You say breathlessly, being entirely exhausted from holding him down. He moans and groans in pain, obviously holding back tears. A sharp pain on your inner left leg went through and you let out a grunt.

  After what felt like hours, but it was only a matter of minutes, the two med-jacks told you that you can let go of him. You do as they say, pushing yourself away from Newt with the help of the med-jacks. You feel light-headed and you can’t focus straight.

  “Are you bleeding?” Jeff asked with a furrowed brow. You look to your left leg and saw blood on your pants. You shook your head, thinking that it was Newt’s. Jeff lifted up your pant leg and found a gash in your leg. His eyes widen, Clint quickly scooped you up and put you onto a cot. “Why didn’t you tell us you were hurt?” Jeff asked with a panicked tone, both of them at it again.

  “I-I didn’t know…” You say breathlessly, trying to keep your head straight. Just how much blood did you lose? Maybe that’s the cause of you feeling light-headed.

  You felt pain surge up your leg after a count of three from the med-jacks, you cringe in pain and let out a moan. Then suddenly everything goes black.


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