Saving You – 1 of 2 (Nightwing/Dick Grayson X Reader)

Part 1

  The siren blazes out through the entire batcave. Making you and Tim flinch and stop training. Bruce (who was coaching your training) runs to the batcomputer and many things show up on screen. You and Tim grab your towels and throw it over you necks, then head to the batcomputer.

  And something that doesn’t surprise you, it’s Joker and his crew. Without Bruce having to tell you or Tim, you both quickly get into your suits. You grab your [choice of non-lethal weapon] and your gadgets after changing into your [super-nickname] suit and head to your motorcycle.

  Tim (in his Robin suit) jumps onto his motorcycle and Bruce (in his Batman suit) jumps into his batmobile. “Alright guys, I’m here.” Oracle says in your communicator.

  “Barbara, give me the quickest route to Gotham’s Bank.” Bruce orders Oracle.

  “Alright…” Oracle says in a concentrative voice. You rev the engine of your bike and flick on its lights. “East!” She quickly orders your direction.

  The sound of engine blare through the batcave as you, Bruce and Tim ride your vehicles out. “Barbara, send the map.” Tim ordered as your team reaches the edge of Gotham’s buildings.

  “Already done.” She responded with confidence. A projection comes from your wrist and you see the map to the quickest way to the bank.

  “What are we getting ourselves into, Barb?” You asked with a grunt as you turn sharply right.

  “It looks like Joker and his crew is causing a lot of havoc in Gotham’s Bank.” Oracle said in thought. “Um… looks like they’re using their usual tactics. Joker gas, blazing guns, you know. The usual. And um… that’s funny.” Oracle went suddenly quiet.

  “Oracle?” Bruce said with concern in his tone. (You turn your vehicle a sharp right.)

  He gets the response of silence, it’s making your stomach turn. Why isn’t Barbara responding? “G~G~Guys! Guys! C~~Can you~~~ hear me?” Her voice is in panic.

  “Oracle, what’s going on?” You asked with wide eyes.

  “Th~~~Their somehow breaking up the com~~munication.” Oracle said in a rushed tone. “W~atch out! There’s~~ men coming behi~~~nd you!”

  You dare yourself to look back and you do, multiple armored trucks and motorcycles are behind you and your team. “What do we do?” Tim asked the obvious question.

  “Split up at this oncoming intersection. I’m going right.” Bruce says taking up the right lane of the road.

  “Left.” Tim called as he took up the left lane.

  “Guess I’m going straight.” You say with an unsure tone.

  “Meet at the b~~bank.” Bruce said, his communicator breaking up. “Oracle watch — [your hero name]. Be sure that she’s safe.”

  And at the intersection, you watch as both of your teammates split their ways and you go straight. Please don’t let many follow me… You thought with that worried twist in your stomach. Gunshots rang behind you, making you tense your shoulders and duck your head lower.

  “Got to draw them off.” You say to yourself. You look at you mirror and see two armored trucks and a motorcycle behind you. “Great…” You grumble. “Oracle, give me a route to lose these guys.” You say, silently hoping she can hear you.

  The motorcycle is gaining on you. And that doesn’t worry you too much, unless he’s an excellent rider. Which you highly doubt. “H~~ere. Take this~~~ route.” New directions show on the projection map and a sense of relief washes through you. There’s a lot of turns, which you can easily lose the armored trucks in.

  “Thanks, Ora-” A gunshot cut you off, miss you by inches. You look to your right and the motorcyclist is right next to you.

  You can’t see his face in the dark visor and you’re not to sure if you want to either. He grabs out a small black disk with a blue light wrapping around it. What is that? You wondered. He clicked something on it and through it at you. You heard the metal of your bike make a thunk and you knew it has attached itself to your bike.

  The bike began to slow down, making it’s maximum speed lower to 40 MPH. You grab you grapple and shoot it at the motorcyclist’s back tire and pull. The gadget released the tire and it made the man swurve and crash into a coffee shop.

  Your motorcycle began making a weird wheezing sound. “Oracle, there’s something wrong with my bike. He attached something to the b-” One of the armored vehicle started pulling up closer your left side. A few other warning gunshots barely miss you.

  “Oracle, I need some help here!” You say panicked. You take a left, hoping to get the other armored truck off of you. But that’s not possible, especially at this low of a speed. You let out a loud frustrated groan. “Come on, come on. Work!” You rev your bike harder, but it doesn’t go higher the 40 MPH.

  Your bike begins to move sideways from the back and you can’t control your bike. You quickly look behind you to see the armored truck has pushed the side of your back tire. You’re getting closer to the buildings. You have to do something and fast. You turn your tired right, hoping to gain some control.

  Your front tire hit a lamp post and sent you flying off of your bike. You let out a yelp and smack the ground hard with your hip and shoulder. You tumbled a couple more times until your back hits a wall, pushing out all of your oxygen from your lungs. You let yourself lean and fall to your stomach and let out a painful moan.

  You’re dazed. Everything is spinning. Your whole body is aching and crying in pain. The side of your head throbs and you feel some cool liquid trickle down the side of your head. Determined to get back on your bike and leave, you try to lift yourself up. But you can’t, you don’t have the strength.

  You try to drag yourself away. Dragging your leg forward and pushing the edge of your toes, making you go forward. You claw at the ground, trying to find something to grab or at least to give you some motive to move forward. The pain on the left side of your hip makes you let out a small whine.

  A big firm hand grabs your left shoulder, sending waves of pain through your entire arm, and it flips you fiercely onto your back. You let out a cry and try to roll back onto your stomach to get away. When you make it to your right side, and almost onto your stomach, a hard rushing pain pushes into your abdomen. You let out another cry and grab onto your stomach. 

  “Shut up, you whining piece of-” And before you could hear his last word, the pain of something hitting the side of your head makes you pass out.

  Your body is hunched forward and every muscle in your body aches and cries. Your head hung low and your arms are stretched behind your back, the tip of your toes touched the ground. Throbbing pain on the side of your head comes back and you cringe. You open your eyes to see nothing but a grainy brown hazed over your vision.

  That is when you realize that a bag is over your head. You hear a muffled voice, talking cheerfully in the other room. A chill goes through your spine. You know that voice anywhere. Joker.

  You try to wiggle your hands out of the restraints behind your back, but can’t get them to even budge. Then your worst fear comes to mind. ‘What if Joker saw my identity? Or maybe his workers? Or Harley? Everything would be ruined!’ Your heart and mind raced, hoping he didn’t take off your mask.

  The sound of a door squeaking open makes you freeze. “Don’t worry, Bats! She’s in good hands! We may even play a little game together. If she’s a good little girl. Speaking of your precious little flower… she’s here in front of me. Awake, alive and I gotta say she looks really down in the dumps!” Joker then laughed hysterically and then ripped off the bag off your head.

  “Oh come on you little sour puss. Smile! We’re gonna have a great time!” He said you with a cheerful outstretch of his arms. “Oh, oh and Baaaats!” Joker paused as he held a phone near his ear. “If you’re not here within the given time, that’s when your flower and I will start making things more fun.” He gave you a sadistic look and you shutter.

  “Oh yeah, all that talk and brooding must be exhausting!” Joker said turning his back to you and talking on the phone. “Just come find me and get your flower. It’ll be simple really.” Joker giggled and pull the phone away from his ear. “See you soon, Bats!” He hung up the phone and he then turns to you.

  “Hello there, darling.” He said making slow steps that began to circle you. “Oh you and I are going to have tons of fun, you know! I have plenty of games planned. You’ll get to experience them all! One by one.” He tapped his fingers in the air as if popping two bubbles. “Now excuse me, I need to get the equipment for our first game!”

  He walked out of the room, keeping the door completely open. You try once again to wiggle your hands free or even move the chair. A hard smack with something wooden hits your back. “Agh!” You let out a cry and quickly look for your foe.

  “No tryin’ to escape, [your hero name]!” Harley said swaying forward, and playing with her bat. “You haven’t even played one of Mr. J’s games yet!” She pushes her hip out forward and puts the top of her bat on the ground, leaning on it like a railing, and she places her free hand on her hip.

  You glare at her and keep your mouth shut. You show any signs of fear or anger. You know you’re just gonna get hurt even more. Joker comes in with a weird belt of some sort and a little remote with an on and off switch.

  “Put this on her, Harley!” Joker orders Harley as he hands her the belt. Harley quickly wraps the belt around your lower abdomen and walks away. “This is a game that I like to call, the Shocking Riddle!” Joker then giggled at his punned joke and then went on. “Now I will pretend to be Riddler and you pretend to be Bats. Simple as that!”

  You gave him an unsure look and he giggled. “Now, let’s get started!” He said raising his arms up in the air. “Ahem. Let’s see…” He pulls a paper out of his pocket and looked at the notes he scribbled. “Ah, here’s a good one! What asks but never answers?”

  You glare at him, not even daring to open your mouth. After a minute went by, Joker grew impatient. “What asks but never answers?” He repeated with force.

  You continue to glare and not even answer. You don’t even want to answer. He gave you the most hateful glare you’ve seen him give you and he clicks a button on the remote. Electric pulses shoot through your body and you let out a muffled groan as you squeeze your lips together.

  “What asks but never answers?” He asked even more forceful than before. The electric belt still hasn’t stopped and sweat is already beginning to pour from your forehead. “Answer me!”

  “An owl!” You shout at him, spit flying from your mouth. He then clicks the off button and makes his permanent smile even wider.

  The electric belt stops and you let out a sigh of relief. “Good.” He says, now looking through his list of riddles. “What loses its head in the morning and gets it back at night?” You nibble the corner of your lip and quickly come up with the answer. But as stubborn as you are, you stay silent.

  Joker allows a minute to go by, before his finger slowly trails to the switch. “A pillow.” You say before he is able to click the button. You give him a devious smile and he gave you a glare.

  “These are apparently too easy for you.” He said with a bored tone. “Let’s try something hard, shall we?” He flicks the paper and scans the riddles. “Oh, I like this one!” He exclaimed with a twinkle to his eye. “Imagine, you’re in a sinking boat and there are alligators trying to eat you. How do you save yourself?”

  Your heart sank and you frown. You have no clue. You rummage through your answers but none of them seem to come to you. Joker looked amused at your silence and confusion. He knew that you didn’t know. “Come on, the answer is right under your nose.” He said as if he is trying to stop himself from laugh hysterically.

  “Block the hole.” You say, now regretting your answer.

  “Nope!” Joker giggled and flipped on the switch. The electric belt went off again, this time more intense. You hold in your painful groans as much as possible, but now you can’t even help but to let out a yelp as it intensifies and then settles down. Then intensifies again. “Ugh, I’m getting bored watching you.” He said flipping off the switch.

  “I-It’s… it’s uhm…” You stumble on your words as you begin to shake. You’re going to go through shock soon and you know it. Your body cannot take this much voltage and pain. Something then caught your eye by the window. “Shadow…” you muttered.

  “Wrong!” Joker said sounding amused and then flipped the switch. You let out a long painful cry. It seems like the belt gets stronger each time. This time it has a taser effect. Making shock pulses go through your body.

  Glass breaks and Harley shrieks. Joker lets out a grumble, probably angry that he was disturbed with his game. “What the- Who the hell are you?” Joker asked confused.

  “Your worst nightmare.” You hear an unfamiliar voice, but you don’t bother to look. You let out some shouts as it becomes too much, the pain is unbearable now and the shock pulses is becoming worse.

  Joker grunts and false to the ground, his remote landing at your feet. Harley lets out a few battles cries, but she became quickly quiet after you hear a few hits. Then a hand swoops down at the remote and you hear it click. The electrocution stops. But your body still tenses from the shock pulses.

  Sweat pours from practically every pour of your body and you can barely even keep you head up anymore. You groan as another strong pulse goes through your body. Arms wrap around your waist and the belt is unhooked and pulled off. The person cuts the restraints off of your wrists and you began to fall forward off the chair. The restraints were the only thing keeping you up.

  Arms seem to cushion your fall and you land on the person cheat. There’s a purple symbol across his chest and the rest of his suit was black. “You’re safe now.” The man said, his breath brushing against your head.

  Everything slowly began to spin and the world is closing on you. Then darkness engulfs you. The silent, yet calming darkness.


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