Failed Project (Peter Parker/Spider-Man X Reader)

  “Peter, move your hand a little to the right.” You say fusing a metal sheet onto your robot. “Peter!” You shout as he moves slightly to the left.

  Peter moves his hand to the right giggling. “Sorry, couldn’t resist.” He said grabbing the other tweezers. “Hold it… here?” He asked hold another corner to the sheet.

  “Yeah, yeah, that’s good.” You say nodding as you squint at the two parts you’re fusing. Your hands are clammy from working on this thing for almost two hours and it’s not even finished yet. You have till Friday to get it done and it’s already Wednesday. “Okay… let go.”

  Peter release the sheet and puts down the utensils. You move with the sheet and till it fuses with the rest of the body of the robot and you pull away. You bite the corner of your lip at your design. The left leg shape is finally done. All that needs to be done is the head, the torso, the wiring and hands.

  You grab the main wire and begin to connect it with the main source. “Peter, give me that uhm… that uhm… doo-hickey-thing.” You say pointing to appliers and another tool. He chuckles and hand them to you.

  “Doo-hickey-thing?” He asked raising a brow.

  “Oh, shut up.” You say smiling as you shake your head. You twist the wire to unwind it and begin to connect the leg with the main wire. It spark and the main battery makes a small explosion. “Crap!” You shout as you fall back from surprise.

  Your hand tingled and had a burning sensation, but you more cared about your project. “Are you okay?” Peter asked diving down to your aid. You push his aiding hands away and nod.

  “I’m fine, Peter.” You grumble as you shove him away. You take off your goggles and throw it aside angrily. “I’m such an idiot. I should’ve turned it off. Now my projects ruined!” You lean your head on hand and tap your finger on your knee.

  Your hand burned more and more as you tap your finger. But it doesn’t burn as much as your anger. Peter took your injured hand into his and said. “You’re hurt.” You cringe and pull your hand away from Peter.

  “Stop it.” You say getting up. “It’s fine. It’s just a-”

  Aunt May bursts through Peter’s bedroom door, her face filled with horror. “Oh my goodness, are you two alright?” She asked placing a hand on her chest. “I heard a really loud bang. What  are you two doing?”

  “We’re fine, Aunt May.” You say with a frown. “Just a little project mishap.” Peter grabs your arm and helps you up.

  “You two and your robotic projects.” Aunt May said with an exhausted look. “What’s with your hand?” She asked pointing to you burning hand that you haven’t bothered to look at. You look at your hand and see a burnt line goes halfway across the back of your hand. “Let me go get something for that.” Aunt May says leaving the room.

  You frown at your injured hand and look at Peter. “Well… this sucks.” You ball you hand up in a fist and then quickly open up your hand as pain goes through your hand. “Ow!”

  Aunt May entered the room with a long medical bandage and some ointment. “Let me, Aunt May.” Peter says grabbing the medical supply. Aunt May left the room without another word and let Peter tend to your wound.

  “Why did you-”

   “It was partially my fault that you got burnt. And you’re my best friend, why wouldn’t I?” He interrupted as he opened the ointment. “Let me see your hand.” You place your hand flat out on the table and he squeezed some of the ointment onto your hand. “It may sting a little.”

  He rubbed the ointment onto your burn and you wince in pain. “Ouch…” You huff as your wound stings again.

  “Sorry…” He says wrapping the bandage on your hand. You shake your head, the touch of his hands are delicate and you can’t help but feel the butterflies in your stomach again. “It looks like we’re going to have to work late tomorrow night to get it finished.” He stated with a frown. You nod and give him a grin as he is almost finished with the bandage.

  You never understood how you developed feelings for Peter. He invited you to a dance because everyone else had a date. You both had a great time, he treated you like a best friend the whole time. He asked you to slow dance like a proper young man would at a dance… then something sparked. You’ve seemed to have liked him ever since.

  “Well I’ll try to get some work done on it tonight with my brother…” You said with a sigh. Peter taped the end of the bandage to stay in place and then he was done. “I can’t fail this test Peter. This project means a lot to me, I could get it entered in the county Science fair if it gets an A! I have to get it…”

  “It’d be crazy if they didn’t give you an A for it.” Peter said with a small grin. You smile at him and you both fall silent.

  You begin putting you scrap metal’s and tool in your backpack, with Peter’s help and then he fell silent. He looked at the window with complete focus and you frowned. “Peter?” You say trying to catch his attention.

  “Yeah… yeah gimme a sec.” He said opening the window. “I’ll be back in five minutes to walk you home!” He said pulling on his mask and throwing his hoodie on his bed. He grabbed his backpack and shoved his arms in the straps.

  “Alright. Be careful.” You say as he pulls himself out of the window, standing on only his toes on the window sill. He jumps out and then zips by without a second to spare. “I guess I’ll be walking home alone tonight…” You mutter to yourself as you shove your robotics book into your bag.

  You gather your remaining things and walk downstairs. Aunt May is gone, so that must mean she’s left for her night job. Lucky Peter gave you a key to their place so you could lock up. You turn on the porch light then step outside, closing the door behind you. You readjust your backpack on your shoulder then lock the door.

  You hear the distant sirens and gunshots. You just hope you don’t run into them if they go by. You throw on your hood and head down the street heading home. It’s a twenty minute walk so you try to go fast. After ten minutes in the cool breeze you begin to shiver.

  You forgot your hoodie at Peter’s again. You grumble to yourself, rubbing your arms trying to get warm. You only wished your dad was able to buy you that car last month, if it wasn’t for your older sister wrecking her car, you’d have one by now.

  Something solid wraps around your waist and your feet lift off the ground, you shriek in response and grasp onto, what feels like, a person’s shoulder. You look to your left and see Spider-Man and you smack him.

  “I told you to wait!” He said landing on the ground with you.

  “Jerk!” You say shoving his shoulder playfully. “And usually you take longer. Because then you find someone else to help, which is no big deal. But I needed to get home.” You fold your arms and walk with him down an ally.

  He pulls his backpack off his shoulders and then begins to dress in a t-shirt, then a jacket and some jeans. He slipped on some sneaks and then pulled off his mask and gloves. “Better?” He said shoving his mask in his inner jacket pocket.

“I think I liked the mask better on you.” You teased. He chuckled and zipped up his backpack. “Come on, let’s get you home before your dad chews you out again.” You nod and leave the ally with him back and head home with him.

  You pass at the coffee shop you saw him from the inside, drop down hundreds of feet and then land on a chair like a cat with his web above his head. You remember running out to see if the person was okay and then you realized it was Peter. You’ve known his secret from the beginning.

 He saw you shiver again and he frowned at you. “Here.” He says opening his backpack and handing you his spare hoodie. “You look like you’re in a ice cream freezer.”

  “Yeah, you would know.” You joked as you hand him your backpack so your could put on his hoodie.

  The rest of the walk was quiet until you got outside your front door. Peter awkwardly scratched the back of his head, acting as though he was going to say something.

  “Is something wrong, Peter?” You asked, putting down your backpack so you can give him back his hoodie. He nods and you raise a brow. “Petter, seriously tell me what’s up.” He shakes his head, insisting that it’s nothing.

You roll your eyes and take the hoodie off to give it back to Peter. The cool breeze prickles your skin and you feel goosebumps rise. You hand him the hoodie. “Thanks.” He says putting his hoodie on the porch chair.

  “See ya…” You say reaching for the door handle.

  “[y/n], wait. I-I gotta tell you something.” His voice stops you and you turn around folding your arms from the cold. “It’s umm… Well how do I-”

  “Peter, out with it. I’m freezing.” You say with a sigh. Peter shakes his head and looks down at his toes. “Peter, just tell me wha-”

  Peter grabs your arm and pulls you forward, your chest against his. Without a second to spare, his lips touch yours. Your heart skips a beat and warmth flushed through you. Your mind is racing and before you can even kiss back, he pulls away. You stand there in his arms still, looking into his eyes.

  “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do that.” He said almost pushing you away. You shake your head and press your lips against his. You arms wrap around the back of his neck. He kisses you back and then you hear your door unlock.

  You push away from Peter and quickly pick up your backpack. Your dad opens the door not even a second before you put your hand on the backpack. “Hey dad.”

  “Hi Sweetie.” Your dad says hugging you. “Peter.” He says nodding to him with a greeting smile.

  “Hey Mr. Harris.” Peter said grabbing his hoodie, hiding his face away from my dad. You grin at Peter and he tries not to look back. “I’ll be heading back home. See you tomorrow [n/n],”

  He then walked down the few steps off the patio and left. You smile to yourself as your dad walked you in. That was definitely something that you could never forget. But for now, it’s probably  a good idea to not tell your dad.


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