Injured Pt.2 (Newt X Reader)

Part 2

 You open your eyes, your vision blurred from sleep. The events of what happened to you comes to mind and you quickly sit up, heart racing. You swung your legs over the bed and stood up. A whine comes from your throat and you land on you knees, grabbing the cot for support. You left leg hurt so badly, tear began to well up in your eyes.

  Jeff comes in and see you kneeling by your bed, he puts down whatever he was holding and walked to you. “Woah, woah…” He says putting his arms out to you as you try to get up. “Take it easy, shank.” He says pulling you up by your arm . “You need to lay down.” He helped you sit on your cot, yet you refused to lay down.

  “You feeling okay?” He asked picking up something off the floor. You nod at absently as your gaze leads to Newt who lays on the bed, unconscious. “If you’re worried about Newt, he’s okay.” Jeff said as if he read your mind.

  You felt relief flush through your being and you back up on the cot, pressing your back against the wall. “What happened to my leg?” You asked looking at where the pain was coming from. Part of your pant-leg was cut off and a bandage wrapped most of her lower leg.

  Jeff looked at your leg scratching his head. “Clint and I came to the conclusion that when you swung your leg over Newt, his knife cut you while trying to pull away.” He said in thought. Silence then filled the room, till Jeff announced that he’s going to go get you something to eat.

  You hug your uninjured leg tightly against your chest, waiting for someone to at least talk to while Jeff went to get you some food. Newt made a groan and turned onto his side. He’s probably dreaming. You thought as you watched him.

  The door opens to your relief, waiting for food felt like forever. But it wasn’t Jeff with a plate of food, it was James. “Hey slinthead.” He joked as he grabbed a seat and sat by your bed. You nod at him with a smile. He leans forward, elbows on his knees. “How are you holding up?”

  “Fine, I guess.” You say with a shrug. “I just woke up.” You scratch the back of your head absently, not knowing what to say. “Get anymore tough weeds?” You asked with a grin.

  He laughed and shook his head. “No, not many weeds have shown up the past two days.” He said somehow seriously. “I think we got the mother ship or something.” He joked. You chuckled and then Jeff came in with food.

  “Oh look, a visitor!” Jeff said handing you the plate of food. You quickly picked up the sandwich and took a bit a huge chunk out of it. “How are you doing, James?” Jeff walked over to Newt, checking his pulse and his forehead.

  James shrugged and said. “Things have been pretty boring at the field.” Jeff nods in understanding, now checking Newt’s bandages. “How’s Newt doing over there?”

  “Clint, we need some more ice for Newt’s foot!” Jeff shouts to the open door. Newt moved his head to the side, his face cringing. “Um… he’s healing, slowly.” He said with a frown. “He’s got a bad fracture by the looks of it. Never seen one this bad.” He looked at Newt as if he would hear any word he’d say. “I don’t know how proper it’s going to heal.”

  James nods to his last statement, he looked like he felt bad for Newt. Clint came in with some ice packs and tossed them to Jeff. “Hey, James isn’t it time to go and work?” He asked looking at his watch. James widened his eyes and got up from his stool.

  “See you later , [n/n]” James said just before leaving the room. Jeff and Clint talked to each other, including you in some of the conversation. You were restless and wanted to go back to work, but you couldn’t. At least not for another three days.


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