Injured Pt.3 (Newt X Reader)

Part 3

  The three days went by painfully slow. You found it hard to at least even take a nap during the day to make the day cycle go faster. You and Newt were hardly even able to talk since he was practically asleep the whole time. You wondered what exactly happened to him and what Jeff and Clint give to him for medication.

  But when Newt was up, you tried to talk the day away. And you’ve come to learn that you two were the same, at least when it comes to work. You both hated being on bed rest and you both were ranting on to each other about the frustrations of feeling condemned. But overall, you two learned about each other more than you have in the past.

  Once you were told that your leg was almost completely healed and you could go back to work, you felt like a bird that was finally able to escape a cage. You ran out of the homestead and to the gardens, where you scare James as he bent over to pick some vegetables. You both laughed for a few short minutes and then you quickly dive to work.

  “Enjoy your rest?” He asked wiping the sweat off his forehead as he tossed vegetables in the bucket. You sit on your knees, digging at the ground looking for the potatoes that were planted a few months ago.

  You give him a miserable look and he nods. “It was dreadful.” You say digging at the dirt with your hands. “The only time I could get up is if I wanted to take a whizz.” You roll your eyes, still upset with Jeff and Clint about that.

  James chuckled at the statement and you glare. “Sorry.” He quickly apologizes to see that you were actually frustrated. “All Jeff and Clint wanted to do is what was best for you and your injury.” You nod, feeling slightly bad about chewing out Clint the other day. “So how were the ‘whizz’s?” He joked.

  You laughed at the joke, even though it was kind of stupid. “Well worth it.” You said with a chuckle. James smiled and you both only did some small talk for the rest of the day as you both worked.

  Your left leg began to ache two hours before dinner and Zart told you to take the rest of the day off and also to go to the med-jacks to get some medicine to relieve the pain. Not wanting to go there quite yet, you go wipe off all of the dirt in the bathroom with the bathroom sink and a rag. Feeling better with all the dirt off of you, you go to the med-jacks for pain medicine.

  You enter the room where you have been sleeping in the past four nights and see Newt awake. “Hey Newt.” You say pulling up a stool to sit next to him. He gives you a half-effort grin and waves. “Um… how are you?” You asked trying to at least have some form of conversation. At least until the med-jacks get back.

  “I’m bloody brilliant.” Newt said with an agitated tone. He looked out the window that it behind his bed and frowned. “How are the Glades?”

  “The usual.” You say with a shrug. You find yourself staring at his eyes, the sunset seeming to give his eyes something that made them even more intriguing than before. You felt your heart beat fast and then the shifting of feet at the door snaps you out of your trance. “Hey Clint.”

 Clint waves checking Newt’s foot. “How’s the foot, Newt?” He asked, grasping Newt’s attention. Newt gives him a thumbs up, obviously holding his tongue to not snap at him. “Good. Good.” Clint said giving Newt’s uninjured leg an friendly tap. “So what do you need, [y/n]?” He asked turning to you.

  “Um…” You glance over at Newt, he looked guilty somehow, just like he always does when you mention the injury on your leg. “It’s just aches a bit. Zart told me to come here and get something to relieve the pain.” Clint nods and goes to another room to retrieve the medicine. You look at Newt and he gives you a look of guilt. “Newt-”

  “It’s all my fault that you got hurt…” He said under his breath, looking away. You let out a sigh. This is the tenth time he’s said this to you and it isn’t true.

  You look at his hand that’s placed on the bed and you grab his hand, trying to comfort him. Grabbing his hand definitely grabbed your attention. You felt your cheeks get warm yet you still speak. “Newt, how many times do I have to tell you?” You say with a ridiculous smile, sliding your hand away from his. “It’s not your fault. It’s not like you took the knife and dug it into my leg. I mean, it’s you Newt! You wouldn’t do that.”

  Newt gave you a small grin and something different in his eyes, some feeling unidentifiable. “I want to believe you…” His voice trailed off and he looked down at his hand that you held.

  You glance behind your shoulder and Clint or Jeff isn’t nearby. You look at Newt who looks hurt all over again. “No matter what proof you try to give me. I know you’d never hurt me.” You say, your cheeks feeling warm again. Newt grins again, sending chills down your spine.

  Clint then finally came in, you tried to hide your face with your hair. “Drink this.” He gave you a fluorescent green liquid, that reeked of the smell of a dead fish rotting ten days over. You nod, giving him a fake cheer and slurp down the liquid.

  The taste of – well whatever that taste was fills your mouth. You cringe, letting out a cough. It tastes so bad, but you wouldn’t take it if you didn’t need it. “Thanks again, Clint.” You say getting up from the stool. You hold onto the door frame, looking back to Newt. “See you at tomorrow, Newt.” You say giving him a small wave and then leave the homestead to get dinner at Frypan’s.


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