Injured Pt.4 (Newt X Reader)

Part 4

 For the past six weeks, you’ve been helping the med-jacks on and off with Newt. Sometimes that meant sleeping in the medical cots overnight so you could keep an eye on him. He’s been recovering at a decent rate and he’s been allowed to walk here and there since his fourth week. But now he’s got a permanent limp, which causes him to leave his position from being a Runner.

  Newt was an emotional roller coaster, at least in your eyes. He was relieved, and yet he didn’t know what to do. You always suggested that he could help with you in the fields, which he’s admitted that he wouldn’t mind doing that. But Alby came in a week before Newt was released and nominated him second-in-charge.

Newt was released yesterday and he looks better than ever. He’s been so cheery about being released, even when people approached him he’d give them a smile or a joke. You liked this side of Newt, a lot. Every meal, even when he was in his medical cot. You’d catch him looking at you and the only reason why you’d catch him is only because, well you were looking at him.

  There’s something so captivating about him that you can’t help but even get a glance of him. Especially when he’s smiling. For the past two weeks, you can’t seem to get Newt out of your head. It’s like he’s moved into your brain, hanging out, interrupting your thoughts and concentration. You’ve thought multiple times to tell Newt, but you didn’t want to sound weird.

  You sat at the table with your usual group of people who you hang out with. James, Newt and about two or three other Glader’s that tend to meet up practically every meal. Frypan’s Burgers are for lunch today, it’s been a long time since he’s made these. You all sit at the table laughing at one of James’ lame jokes again.

  That’s when you seem to always catch a glance at Newt. His eyes met yours, you turn away, your cheeks flushing a soft (and hopefully unnoticeable) red. Then James and some of the other Gladers started talking, leaving you and Newt out of the conversation. Or maybe you two just weren’t paying attention.

 You stare at the south entrance into the maze, wondering why the Griever was even out that day. “Hey [y/n], you okay?” Newt asked, his voice suddenly snapping you out of it. 

  “Hm?” You say looking at him. “Oh – yeah, I’m fine. I just zoned out.” You say, trying to cover up your thoughts for later. You haven’t dared talked about the maze to Newt. Not only because of him losing the position, but also because what happened. “How’s your leg?” You ask casually nodding to his injured leg.

  He shrugs as if the injury was never there in the first place. “Doesn’t really hurt.” He says before taking one last bite of Frypan’s burger. “I’ll see you shanks later.” He said getting up from his seat and taking his plate to the kitchen for it to get cleaned.

  You watch him leave to the kitchen and disappear behind the closing door. You look down to your burger, frowning at how much there was left. “You gonna eat that?” Ben asked pointing to your burger. Ben’s a builder, he can be serious but James has also gotten some sense of humor out of him.

  “Yeah, I’m not going to finish it anyway.” You say handing him the plate. He gives you his thanks and heads back to his table.

  “Woah, [y/n] you don’t want to finish a burger?” James asked with raised eyebrows. “That’s a first.” You roll your eyes with a smile.

  “Thanks for stating the obvious, slinthead.” You say shaking your head in an unamused kind of way. He smiled at you, eating the rest of his contents on his plate. “Let’s go to work, I’m bored.” You say getting up with James.

  Luckily, Ben took your plate. So you have one less thing to take care of, but you still walk with James to the kitchen to drop off his dish in the sink. You see the pile of plates and secretly thanking your conscience that you don’t have to clean those things everyday. You and James head to the animal pens. Today you two are in charge of taking care of the animals.

  The only ones you don’t like are the chickens. They’re vicious little things, especially when you have seed and don’t feed it to them as fast as they want it. You have to help James clean out the pig pen, which you don’t see a reason why you should. But work is work. James scoops the pig droppings as you try to keep them occupied with food.

  “I don’t remember arranging our jobs this way around.” James said shoveling up a pig’s lump of klunk and putting it in a bucket that’s outside the pen. “Why am I scooping?”

  “If you want me to scoop, then I will!” You say rolling your eyes at his complaint. James hesitated to shovel the last one and then shook his head. “Well, then stop complaining.” You say with a giggle. You toss the pigs a bad carrot and they all chase for it. “Y’know this is fun.” You say leaning on the fence of the pig pen.

  James mumbled a disagreement to the statement. You let out a sigh and shake your head. Boys… what would I do without them? You thought. You jerk your head to the side, making your hair flip to the right to get it out of your face. The pigs then squeal for more and you quickly toss them bad apples and potatoes. They stop squealing and began snorting as they ate their food.

  “Here. You’re holding the klunk bucket.” James says pushing the handle into your hands. Man does it have a foul stench. You cringe as the sent travels through your nose, now wanting to get it away as fast as possible. “Stinks, doesn’t it?” He laughed as he pushes swings the shovel around.

  “Stop swinging the shovel around!” You says moving a few feet away from him. “You’re gonna get klunk all over the place and I don’t want to take care of shank like you with the med-jacks.” You joke. He laughs and rolls his eyes, mumbling a whatever.

  You watch some of the Glader’s working on the field, keeping your mind occupied from the silence that lingered between you and James. The memory of a Griever that Alby showed you that one morning, pops into your mind. You shudder at the sheer thought of that thing coming after you. Let alone watching it chase Newt.

  Your stomach twisted and turned at the thought of Newt being chased. Let alone being attack. He must’ve been so scared. So helpless. You place your hand over your stomach that twists and turns at the thought of it. Then Newt’s screams carrying probably throughout the Glades that day. The pain and the fear he went through, feels unimaginable.

  James bumps your shoulder, you snap your head towards him and he points towards the tree lining. You see Newt walking over, then realized he called your name. “Hey [y/n], could you help me with the stacks of wood over there? I know you’re no Builder, but-” Newt said, but James intervenes.

  “She’s more than capable of helping you with it. She doesn’t need to be a Builder to prove it.” James said, taking the bucket out of your hands. You blush at James’ comment, which was quite unexpected from him.

  Newt nods and gestures you to follow him. “Great.” He huffed as if he held his breath for a long time. “Let’s get going then. Sorry James.” He added to James who did a dismissive wave.

  You follow Newt to the outer line of the trees and saw what he needed help with automatically. He needed someone to either hold the wood together while he tied them up in a bunch or the other way around. He went to the middle of the wood and group them up together, holding them in place.

  “I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with this.” He said with a grin. You nod, kneeling down at one end of the wood, tying it together tightly. “I never thanked you for helping me.” He said, his gaze falling upon your hands, then to your face. You shake your head and tightened the rope.

  “There’s no need to thank me.” You say tying the rope one last time to keep it’s not. “I was just helping out a fellow Glader.” You walk to the other side, Newt repositioning his hands on the wood. “Is that why you told me to come and help? To thank me?” Your gaze led to his eyes and he shook his head.

  “No.” He finally said with a croaked voice. You grin, knowing that’s what he did. You tighten the rope and begin to tie again. “I mean… that was some of the reason.” He admitted in a small voice. You glance at him, seeing his cheeks flush a tint of red.

  You grinned, looking away from Newt. You did the last part of the knot, then walked to where Newt held the wood together. “Partial, huh?You say smiling at him. He nods at you, his gives you a soft look in his eyes and your heart skips a beat. You wrap the rope around the middle, slightly leaning your head on Newt’s shoulder as you try to get the rope around the other side.

  You pull the rope over the middle, tying the rope tightly once again. “Y’know…” You say, your voice trailing off with your concentration. “I should be thanking you too. I mean I did learn a lot more about being a med-jack.” He let out a small laugh, making you smile.

  You tie off the knot, pushing yourself away from the wood to sit on your knees. Newt gets up, offering you a hand up in the process. You hesitatingly grab his hand and he hoists you up. “You think you can help me carry this to the back of the Homestead?” He asked putting a hand on one hip and using the other to run his fingers through his blonde hair.

  You look at the Homestead and then to Newt. He really can’t carry this himself, not that far. His leg is still healing. “Yeah of course.” You say nodding and wiping your hands on your pants, to get the last bit of sweat off of them.

  He picked up one side and you pick up the other. He stands at the front and leads and you follow. You both hoist the bunch of wood onto your shoulders and head for the Homestead. About halfway to the Homestead, you both don’t say a word to each other. You look at all the Gladers, so happy they don’t look at you when you pass by them anymore.

  You’re so happy that you’ve been accepted as one of the Glader’s and not as an outcast. The first couple of weeks was dreadful. Every time you went around in the Glades, nothing put eyes follow you as you pass each Glader. It was so horrible. It’s great that all of that has stopped, you don’t think you could live here comfortably if it hadn’t stopped.

  You watch Newt’s limp as you both carried the bunch of wood, feeling each limp on the wood. You frown at him. Wondering what could possibly be going through his mind right now. Wondering if he ever had any nightmare’s of the Griever. But you can’t ask. Well you can, but you considered it to not be a good idea. It was a traumatic situation and if surfaced, it could hurt him more.

  Once you two got to the back of the Homestead, you put the bunch of wood down, then sat down against the back wall of the Homestead. “Thank you.” Newt said as he fidgeted with his fingers. You nod with a smile, wiping the sweat off of your forehead. Even though you don’t look at him, you can feel his gaze on you.

   It makes your cheeks flush red, then you hide it with your hair. “Why did we have to move this bunch of wood back here?” You ask as you finally felt that your cheeks are flushed red.

  “There’s a part back here…” Newt said leaning forward, pointing to the corner of the Homestead. You lean with him, seeing the worn out wood. “It need to be replaced. So the Builder’s needed help getting some wood back here.” You lean your head on his shoulder and you felt him look at you, the side of his face pressing against the top of your head.

  You bite the inside of your lower lip and pulled yourself away from Newt. He hesitatingly pulled himself back to have his back against the wall. “So why couldn’t the Builder’s get the wood?” You asked with a confused look.

  “They uh… they’re getting some stuff ready.” He said not looking at you. He’s acting like he’s embarrassed. “I think they’re also trying to give me something to do. Or maybe they’re just that lazy.” You giggled and looked out to the Glades.

  This is probably the most nicest moment you’ve ever had with Newt. But it has to end one way or another. Only because you got work to do and so does he. “Newt, I gotta get going. James needs my help.” You say standing up.

  You offer your hand to Newt and he takes. You hoist him up and take a step back to give yourself more leverage. Your foot slips on a patch of wet grass, making you slam your back against the Homestead and sending Newt stumbling forward against you. You practically begin to slide down the wall, but Newt wraps his arm around your waist, his other hand leans against the wall.

  You pant slightly from the shock that you even slipped. You felt like such a klutz. He chuckled, pulling you up by your waist. “Still loose on your feet I see.” He joked in almost a whisper. You let out a small nervous laugh, holding onto his upper arm for support.

  You brush a lock of hair behind your ear and say. “S-Sorry…” You look into his eyes and your heart skips a couple beats. You feel your thoughts collapse on itself. Your heart is beating fast now and he seems to be in the same trance.

  You scan his eyes back and forth, wondering if you should just push him off. But you don’t want his arm to leave you. He gives you that look in his eyes again, that unidentifiable look. He hesitates greatly, but he begins to pull his face forward. You want to move forward, but you don’t want to move. You don’t even know what you’re gonna do. What he’s gonna do.

  You feel his breath on your lips as he slightly turns his head sideways. You close your eyes, your lips slightly parted on their own. You felt his nose graze your cheek, you shudder at the touch, your heart is beating faster. And your thoughts are completely oblivious to what’s around you. You don’t even care that you’re trapped in the Glades anymore, where monsters haunt the parts in the Maze.

  A sudden sensation tingles through your body and your heart feels like it flatlined. Newt presses his lips against yours. Waves of the sensation take over you. You place your hand on the back of his neck, pulling him into the kiss. You kiss him back, still holding onto his upper arm. You feel like the world’s spinning around you. That everything doesn’t matter but this.

  Both you and Newt retreat for a few breaths of air. You lean your head on his shoulder and he leans the side of his face on your head. “I-I…” You stutter, trying to form words to comprehend what just happened. You pull your head away from his shoulder and he gives you a grin.

   “Just um… don’t tell the others about this, okay?” He said looking around. You nod in agreement, your head is so blank and that’s the only thing you can grasp onto right now.

  “Yeah… okay…” You say with a sigh. He kisses your forehead, causing your heart to leap and he walks away. You then figured out why he gave you those unidentifiable looks. He liked you! And… you like him.

  You walk to go meet James at the animal pens, still trying to grasp what’s happened. Is this what love feels like? You ask yourself. At least I know what I’m feeling. You grinned, nibbling on your lip. Your heart fluttering at the memory of your kiss with Newt.


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