Saving You – Part 2 of 2 (Nightwing/Dick Grayson X Reader)

Part 2

  You slowly began to wake up. Your body hurt more than it did the last time you woke up. You’re on something soft, like a bed. A blanket covers half of your body. ‘Where am I?’ you thought. You slowly open your eyes and you’re in a room that you’ve never been in before. The memories of what happened previously rushes to your mind. You flinch and then try to sit up.

  Your heart racing and your breathing quickened. A person rushed over and gently pushed you back down, the touch on your shoulders hurt so much that you couldn’t resist but to lay down. You grabbed the unknown persons hands and tried to pull them off.

  “Hey, hey it’s okay!” A familiar young voice said. You stopped trying to fend the man off for a moment. “[Your name], it’s me. You’re okay.”

  You look at the person and tears well up in your eyes. “I-It’s… you. You’re… But…? Where have you been?!” Your words seem to jumble out of your mouth. You don’t even know what to say first.

  Dick gave you a sympathetic and soft look. He sat on the bed and looked away with a frown. “It doesn’t matter. What matters is you getting back to full health.” He looked at you now, with utmost concern.

  “I’m fine.” You say pushing him away a bit. “I can manage.” You sit up, some pain tingled through your body, but you try to ignore it.

  “[Your name], no. You need t-” He started as he tried to lay you down.

  “Dick, stop. Please. I’m fine.” You say trying to push his aiding arms away. You push yourself off the bed and stand. Pain shoots through your abdomen and your legs wiggle like jello from some strange tingly pain.

  Your knees buckle and you began to fall down. Dick caught you and sat you back down on the bed. “[Your name], you need to lay down. You’re not in any condition to stand.” You frown at him and didn’t argue. But you still didn’t want to lay down.

  Tears began to well up in your eyes again. Thinking of what happened yesterday and Dick suddenly now here. He sat next to you on the bed again. A tear rolled down your cheek and like the most delicate glass, you shattered. You began to cry into your hands. Dick pulls you to his chest. You grip the collar of his shirt and cried into his shoulder.

   He held onto you, rubbing your back slowly to calm you down. You wrap your other arm around his back. It’s been so long since you have seen Dick. So long since you have wanted to be in his arms again. He left without a goodbye and now he’s here. He leaned the side of his face against your head and rocked in a cradle like motion. Your abdomen begins to hurts more and more from the crying, but you can’t will yourself to stop.

  It’s been so long since you actually cried. It’s as if crying has been foreign to you for centuries. “I’m sorry.” Dick said in a hushed tone as he stopped rocking. You slowly began to stop crying, his voice suddenly calming you.

  “Dick… Why didn’t you ever just talk to m-” You start as you push yourself away painfully.

  He grabbed your arm gently and then pressed his lips against yours. You pause for a moment, allowing him to kiss you. But it’s like you’re paralyzed. He’s kissed you before, but this one seemed so sudden. He pulled away and he looked away right afterwards.

  He shook his head and put leaned his forehead on the palm of his hand. “Sorry.” He muttered to you with a crack in his tone.

  You frown at him and pull his face to look at you slowly. “Dick.” You say with a sigh. “If you think I’m mad at you… I’m not. Truth is, I’m so happy to see you again.” You smile at him, but your smile is quickly erased as you feel that horrible pain in your abdomen.

  You wrap your arm around your abdomen and let out a long groan. Dick quickly lay you down gently and grabbed his jacket and some keys. “What are you-”

  “You need to go to the hospital. I’ve held back long enough.” He said with that worried look in his eyes that always use to concern you. He shoves his wallet in his back pocket and grabbed a brace. “I shouldn’t have kept you here this long.”

  You lay your head back down on the pillow, trying to suck in the air around you as you feel the pain tingling through your abdomen. “Which leg is it?” He asked kneeling beside the bed.

   “Um… left.” You say with a small grunt as your abdomen tensed with pain. You took some deep breaths and found that it actually hurt to breath.

  After Dick put the quick brace on you he tucked his arm under you back and under your legs. You groan in pain, trying your best to stay strong.  “Still as light as a feather, I see.” He said with a with an encouraging smile.

  You slightly nod and held onto him by the back of his neck. He carried you down a flight of stairs and into his car, which was quite painful practically the whole way. He put you in the passenger seat that was already layed back. He help you with your seatbelt, but you kind of argued that you were in some pain and not completely helpless and then put on the seatbelt yourself.

  About ten minutes in the ride and the painful bumps, the thought of Bruce came into your mind. “Wait, does Bruce know I’m with you?” You asked with wide eyes and looking at Dick.

  “Yeah.” He said looking at his rearview mirror to ensure that he can turn. “He knows. Alfred told him.” You nod and close your eyes. ‘At least he knows.’ You thought as you weren’t so concerned anymore. “Are you okay?” He asked after a minute of silence.

  “Could be better.” You admit with a small shrug. You turn your head to what you can see out the car window and see the big red sign that had the word ‘Emergency’ on it. “We at the hospital?” You ask looking at him.

  He nods as he pulls into, what you could only guess, a parking spot. “Hold on. I’m going to get you out.” He said exiting the car. You roll your eyes and unbuckle the seatbelt and waited for Dick to round the car and open the passenger seat.

  He tried to pick you up again and finally annoyed that he’s treating you like you’re a helpless damsel you say. “Dick, just help me walk! I’m fine.” Dick is hesitant, but then agrees and help you out of the car.

  He wraps your arm over his shoulder and holds onto your hip for your support. You grip onto the hem of his jacket and limped awkwardly and painfully to the emergency entrance. You get to the counter two painful minutes later and the receptionist looks at you two with curiosity.

  “So what do we have here?” She asked looking you up and down.

  Before you could open your mouth to speak, Dick already started. “My girlfriend got into a motorcycle accident late last night.” You blush at the comment that you are his girlfriend. “She said she didn’t have much pain, until earlier this morning. As stubborn as she is, she delayed a visit to the hospital until she couldn’t bear it.”

  “Alright sweety, what’s your name?” She said nodding and typing on the computer.

  “Um… [your name] [middle name] Wayne.” You say glancing at Dick.

  “Okay, where does it hurt?”

  “My upper part of my abdomen.” You say pointing towards the lower part of your ribcage. “And my left leg.”

  “Rate your pain one through ten on both.” The receptionist lady said fixing her glasses on the bridge of her nose.

  “Um…” You say with a small grunt from the pain of your sigh. “Abdomen is about a – six.” You grunt out the last word. “And… my leg is a four – make that five.”

  “Oh I nearly forgot, date of birth.”

  You told the lady your date of birth and she gave you the hospital bracelet. They put you in a wheelchair right away and pulled you into the E.R. You got an x-ray on your leg and your chest cavity and told you had to way about thirty minutes for the results. In the meantime you got your blood test and an emergency I.V. put in just in case.

   After the miserable wait, which was an hour longer than thirty minutes, the doctor returned with results. Dick held your hand and you squeezed his tightly as you anticipated you results.

  “Alright Ms. [last name], we’ve got a couple things on our hands.” The doctor said with a sigh as he flipped the paper on the chart. “Small ones, don’t worry. You have a serious fracture on your left ankle on your talus and tibia.” You bite your lower lip and look at Dick. “Don’t worry, there’s no need for surgery. We’ll be putting a cast on it and you cannot walk for three months.”

  You let out a helpless sigh and ushered him to go on. “You have four fractured ribs on your right. Which also bruised your diaphragm. That may be causing the pain in your breathing that you’ve mentioned. There’s not much we can tell you to help heal the fracture faster other than sending you home and stay out of any heavy duty work, such as lifting for two months.”

  You nod and give the doctor a frown. “We will give you prescribed pain medicine that you can take to ease the pain.” The doctor closed up his chart and gave you a smile. “Other than the broken bones, you are completely healthy. You do have some nerves that seemed to be a bit agitated on you mid abdomen. But that could have come from the accident and you should be fine.”

  “Okay, thank you doc.” You say with a nod and you squeeze Dick’s hand.

  “Let us get you a cast on that leg and we’ll let you get  home for a nice rest.” He said with a smile before leaving the room.

  “Call Bruce?” Dick asked with a raised brow.

  “Call Bruce.” You say with a nod.

  Dick stepped out as the nurse came in to get your leg in the cast. Dick was on the phone with Alfred who was going to pick you up, with Bruce obviously with him. You let out a sigh of frustration when the nurse leaves and Dick enters. Now you can’t do anything for months because of that stupid incident with Joker’s thugs.

  “Thanks for helping me last night…” You say sincerely to Dick. “I don’t know what I’d do if I was stuck being electrocuted all night.” You say in a hushed tone.

  Dick nods and gives you a smile. “Well, I’ll always be your knight in shiny armor.” You shoved on his shoulder and giggled and then quickly regret it from the pain.

  “Shut up.” You say. The nurse came in with some crutches and had you set free. “I at least thought I wouldn’t be with crutches again for a few more months.” You joked to Dick.

  He smiled and shook his head. “So what all happened last night?” He finally asked after all this time.

  “It’s not really the place to talk about this.” You say as you exit the elevator with Dick.

   You and Dick wait outside the E.R for Alfred and Bruce to pick you up, but you two have a good small talk. “Listen Dick, you could always come over for dinner this week. We all need to see you again.” You say leaning your head on his shoulder. “Even Bruce.”

  Dick nods. “I know… Maybe I will come over some time.” He said with a grin. “You know… I still love you.” Your cheeks flush warm and you grin.

  “You want to know what’s crazy?” You say lifting your head from his shoulder. He made a ‘hm’ sound and you grin again. “I still love you too.” He held your hand and smiled at you widely. You press your lips against his, a wave of ecstasy waves over you and you pull away after a few short seconds.

  A limo pulled up a few minutes after some small talk about what’s going on in the Wayne mansion. Tim quickly rushed out of the limo to you with the look of concern and joy in his eyes. “Are you okay?” He asked putting a hand on your shoulder, making you cringe slightly.

  “I’m okay, Tim. Don’t worry.” You said with a smile. “Oh, this is Dick.” You say pointing to your love. “He’s the first ever Robin.” You whisper to Tim.

  “It’s an honor.” Tim said shaking Dick’s hand. “I’d love to get some tips from you.” Dick nods and smiled at the young man. “Are you sure you’re okay?” Tim asked you again.

  “I’m fine!” You say with a small laugh, which hurt yet it felt good. You hugged Tim and smiled. Tim is like your brother. You love him so much, you’d do anything for the boy. Bruce and Alfred exit the vehicle, Bruce walks over to you. “Bruce!” You say with relief.

  You got yourself up with crutches and hugged your adoptive father. “Are you okay, [your name]?” He asked pulling away from the hug.

  “I’m fine.” You say with an ensuring grin. “Don’t worry, I’m tough.” Dick got up and looked at Bruce with a small grin of joy to see him again. Bruce’s lips turn to a wide smile to see Dick once again.

  “It sure is good to see you.” Bruce said hugging Dick, who hugs back tightly. “You should have dinner with us. Tonight.” Dick smiled and agreed that he would.

  Alfred came in, hugged you and Dick. You all did a small talk, but quickly remembered you had to go back home. Bruce and Tim got into the car, Alfred took your crutches and put them in the back of the limo. You wrapped your arm around Dick’s shoulder once again for support, lifting your left leg up.

  “Thanks again.” You whisper to him and giving him a little kiss on his cheek.

  “Anytime.” He said with a smile. He helped you into the car and waved goodbye to you as the limo driver pulled away from the E.R. entrance.

  Meeting Dick the way you did wasn’t the reuniting you had in mind but you are sure glad to see him again. And to hear that he still loves you just as much as you love him.


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