Caged Pt.1 (Barry Allen/The Flash X Reader)

Part 1

Just to note this version of the Flash was based on CW’s TV show. 

  Barry and I share a long laugh together, my arm wrapped in his. This is our third successful date night that we we’ve had, with no distractions. Barry had tickets to see a movie, so he made a date night out of it. Now to do the cheap person routine and go to his place to order some pizza!

  Well not really a cheap person routine, we just don’t want to get all fancy and go to a nice dinner tonight. I lay my head on his shoulder and sighed. “So Barry, how did you suddenly end up with the tickets to a movie I really wanted to see?” I asked, raising my eyebrows.

  “Well let’s call it luck.” He says with a wide smile.

  I can’t contain my laughter as I lift my head off his shoulder. “Sure, Barry. Luck.” I say giggling. “Barry, you and I both know you bought them before they sold out.” He opened his mouth to say something and then closed his mouth, probably not thinking up an excuse. “Which is really sweet of you Barry.” I say kissing him on his now heated cheek.

  He blushes a little and you grin evilly. “Well, you know I’m always trying to make you happy.” He says rubbing the back of his neck.

  “You’re so cheesy, Barry.” I say rolling my eyes and giggling. He cocked an eyebrow at me and I say. “Which I’m a sucker for cheesy.”

  “I know.” He says shrugging. He takes my hand in his and holds onto it tightly, not too tight though, just enough. I sigh and look at him, he then looks at me. “What? Got popcorn in my teeth?”

  I giggle and shake my head. “How did I end up with a guy like you?” I ask in a dreamy like tone. He furrowed his brows at me, as if confused. “Like… you’re so great and well, I’m me. I don’t know, just thinking out loud.” I shrug and look down at our synchronized walk.

  “I don’t know what you see in me.” He said stopping his tracks, making me stop too. He shoved his hands in his pant pockets and I look at him, folding my arms. “[n/n], you are the most amazing girl I’ve ever met. You’re kind and funny, you mean the world to me. And that’s why you’re amazing, you’re you. I wouldn’t trade you for all the girls in the world.”

  I think this is the hardest Barry has ever made me blush. I try to hide my rosey red cheeks, by putting my hands over my cheeks. Barry pulls my hands away from my face gently, and then held my face in his hand. Not long after, he presses his lips against mine.

  I close my eyes, scrunching his jacket sleeves in my hands. He pulls back and leans his forehead on mine, moving his head back a forth slowly, his nose grazing my own as he did. I smile widely and open my eyes to see a peaceful grin on his lips.

  “Barry.” I say just slightly over a whisper. He opens his eyes and pulls back a little, our faces still extremely close. “I lo-” Something cuts in between Barry and I, almost like a jolt of electricity, making me fall backwards and onto my bottom. “What was that?” I managed to say in a gasp.

  “I don’t know.” Barry said pushing himself off the walls that he fell back onto. “Are you okay?” He asked, offering a hand to help me up. I take it and he pulls me up rather fast actually.

  “Aww how sweet.” A man said on my right. I look over and see a man with strangely cropped hair, unshaven and mangy looking guy. “Love… It sure does create a SPARK, doesn’t it?” When he said spark, electricity shot from his hands and in the ground.

  Barry pulls me close and I hold onto his arm, both of us not taking our eye off the man. “You hurt us and you’ll be sorry.” Barry said with force.

  “Ooooh, I’m so scared.” The man said mockingly. He took a few steps forward and Barry quickly shoved me behind him, he held me back with his arm. I held his arm that held me back, not wanting to leave Barry. “Oh get out of the way boy, I’m not even here for you.”

  “What do you want with her?” Barry asked with fear in his tone. My heart stopped for a moment when he said he wasn’t here for Barry, and I actually know who this guy is.

  “Jonathan?” I say out loud with surprise.

  “At least you remember, it’ll make things much easier for me.” Jonathan said in an exaggerated tone.

  Jonathan was a guy who my dad screwed over on a racing deal, suddenly Jonathan wasn’t a worthy candidate for a race. I also um… well I helped the Flash catch his insane brother. Which I’m sure he remembers.

  “So uh… I see you have powers now. That cool, right?” I say awkwardly. Barry shot me a look and I shrugged.

  “Don’t test me [y/n].” Jonathan said, his body began to spark as he got angrier. Barry pushed you back as he began to back up. “Get out of the way.” Jonathan shouted at Barry.

  “If you want her, you’re gonna have t-” Barry started, but a loud crack echoed and lighting hits Barry, making him go flying.

  “Barry!” I screamed running after him after he landed. I fall to my knees next to him and placed my hand on his face. “Barry?” He looked at me with wide-eyes, his mouth open as he heaved breaths.

  “Scream all you want, he is now temporarily paralyzed.” Jonathan said cockily. I look over my shoulder to see him striding over and then back at Barry.

  “Run” is what he mouthed to me. I nod and pushed up to run, only to suddenly get strange tingling in my legs, causing me to completely freeze as it went up through my body. I am literally glued to my spot.

  Strong arms wrap over my own and then then tingly feeling left my body. “Barry!” I screamed as I try to fight Jonathan’s hold on me. “Let go of me, you sack of stupidity!” ‘Very clever’ I thought. I kick Jonathan’s foot, making him loosen his grip.

  I began to pull away. But he grabs my upper arm, pulls me to him. I try to pull away but then suddenly my body went limp. Before I close my eyes and darkness taking me whole, I hear Barry scream for me.


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