Injured Pt.5 (Newt X Reader)

Part 5

  It’s been a little over two months since the kiss, both you and Newt has managed to keep it quiet. You found yourself working as a med-jack more and more, which meant less time would be spent with James. Clint and Jeff are alright though. You’ve become friends with them from the small talk here and there. But not the close friendship you and James had.

  You organize the medical equipment and hum to yourself as you do. It’s been pretty quiet here in the Glade’s this week. Injuries has been few to none and it’s been getting pretty boring as a med-jack. You only wish you could go back and be a track-hoe again. But you don’t argue with Alby’s and the other Keeper’s placements.

  A tapping on the doorway catches your attention. You turn around and see Newt standing at the doorway. “Get another paper cut, Newt?” You joked with a smile. He smiles and rolls his eyes. You pick up a sheet and begin to fold it.

  Gally appeared behind Newt, his eyes swollen purple and green. You cringe at the site and pull Gally by the forearm and sit him down on the medical bed. (You dropped the medical sheet next to Gally.) “What did you do this time?” You grumbled as you grab some ointment from the counter.

  Gally glares at you with his unswollen eye and folds his arms like a little angry child. “What does it matter?” He grumbled. You squeeze some ointment onto a rag and clutch onto Gally’s shoulder.

  “Don’t move. This is gonna hurt a bit.” You say trying not to smile. You dislike Gally the most out of all Glader’s. He’s such a hothead and you heard that he’s been worse since he got stung and recovered. You dab the rag onto Gally’s swollen eye. He cringes and swats are your hand. “Oh shuck it, Gally! Stop being a baby.”

  You smack his hand away harshly and began to dab the rage more quickly. He lets out a groan and glares to the distance. Jeff came in with a cup of water in his hand and gave Gally a tired look.

  “Get in a fight again, Gally?” He asked with a chuckle. “Second time this month. If this keeps happening, you’re gonna lose an eye.” You giggle at Jeff’s statement, but Gally didn’t think it was funny at all.

  “Shuck it you, slinthead!” He spat at Jeff. Furious, you squeeze Gally’s shoulder harshly, digging your nails in to increase the pain. “Get you hand off me!” Gally shouted to you as he shoves you hand away.

  You back up, putting the rag down on the counter. “So how long is he staying in the slammer?” You asked Newt, who still stands by the doorway. “Jeff, make yourself useful and get some ice for Gally.” Jeff nods, giving Gally a glare before leaving the room.

  “I told you, I didn’t start it!” Gally said angrily at Newt. Newt rolled his eyes and gave Gally a challenged look. “You through the punch anyway. So why am I being punished?” You glance at Newt, surprised that he’d even do such a thing. But you can see with fist he used. His knuckles at bright read and look very irritated from the impact.

  “Because you deserved it!” Newt said, raising his voice. You tap your fingers together, wishing Jeff would just hurry up. “You were tackling another Glader. What else do you expect me to do?” Gally stood up, his fist balled up. Surprising yourself, you put yourself between Newt and Gally.

  You pushed Gally back onto the medical bed and said. “You’re about to ask for matching pair of eyes.” Gally gave you a surprised look that you even pushed him down like that. “Now shut up and stay put!” You go back to the medical counter and placed the stuff where it belonged again.

  Finally Jeff arrived after another few long minutes and gave Gally an ice-pack. He brought some Glader’s with him and escorted Gally to the slammer. Gally held the ice-pack on his eye, miserably walking with the other Glader’s.

  You and Newt were alone now. You wondered why he stayed behind. You fold the sheet and looked at Newt’s hand. You frown, letting you hospitality get the better of you. “Okay, let me see your hand. “You say feeling defeated by yourself.

  “What? Why?” Newt said, snapping out of his trance. His pulled his hand away from your grasp. You let out a grumble and still grabbed his hand anyway. “It’s fine! Really!” Newt protested, still trying to pull his hand away from yours.

  You look at the back of his hand, skimming your finger on his warm skin. “You punched him hard.” You say to yourself. Newt huffed a fake snort and you glance at him. “Just let me wet a rag and you can go on your merry way to your duties.” You turn from Newt and grabbed a rag. You poured some water onto the rag from the cop Jeff left and returned to Newt.

  You wiped Newt’s hand, making him cringe at some of the burning sensation he felt. He probably felt it, because from the impact he made on Gally’s face, he got small thin cuts that’s like a paper cut. “Better?” You say wrapping it around his hand.

  “I guess so.” He said with a shrug. Your cheeks felt warm at his gaze and you look away.

  “How do you always do that?” You say turning away and began to sort thing out again. Newt quietly followed you. His chest grazed the side of your arm.

  You look at Newt, straightening up and give him a defeated smile once again. You lean on him, your head against his chest. You can hear his heartbeat which is always so calming. He held onto your arm and the side of your head to hold the embrace. You could stay like this for years if you had to.

   Then like a signal for them to stop, hurried footsteps stomped up the stairs, giving you and Newt enough time to push away. Chuck, the Greenie ran upstairs with a panicked and paled look. “It’s-it’s Ben!” He panted as he leaned against the doorway. “He’s been – stung!” The word stung rang around your head. Your eyes widened and you pushed past Chuck and ran down the hall.

  Stung… Is all that you could hear in your thoughts right now. “Clint, Jeff, c’mon we need to help Ben!” You shout. “He’s been stung!” You run down the stairs before Clint and Jeff even make it out of the room they hung out in.

  You ram through the door and stop just outside the Homestead. A group of boys huddling in a circle is at the South entrance. You ran as fast as you can to the group so you could help Ben. You heard scattered footsteps behind you, probably Newt, Chuck, Clint and Jeff trying to catch up. You shove through the group of boys and see Ben…

  Oh no… Ben… You thought as you look at him in horror.


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