Caged Pt.2 (Barry Allen/The Flash X Reader)

Part 2

Just to note this version of the Flash was based on CW’s TV show. 

  I feel cold… the ground feels moist… there’s a cool draft… my wrists are restrained together tightly in front of me…

  Where am I? I thought.

  I open my eyes, with the sudden thought of restraints on my wrists. I quickly look down at my wrists to see metal cuffs on my wrist, linked onto a chain. I roll over, following the line of chain and it is bolted onto the wall. I quickly sit up, using my elbow and fists to push myself up. The chains clinking against the concrete floor.

  “So you’re awake?” A man’s voice says from behind me, making me jump and turn around. Jonathan, who else was I expecting? He grins and shakes his head at my  appearance.

  “Where did you take me?” I quickly question with force. “How did I get here? And what did you do to Barry?”

  “Woah woah, little rascal. Don’t move on to asking questions yet. Let us get comfortable.” He says in such a calm tone that it ticks me off.

  “NO! You are going to answer my questions and now!” I say outraged. I’m so angry that I feel my face heated up and my arms shaking. Jonathan just stares at me with a blank expression, which ticks me off even more. “WELL?”

  He pulls up a seat and sits down in front of the cage-like fence. “Alright, alright.” He said with an act of defeat voice. “You got me. Just one quick question.” I raise my brow. “Does your boy toy know of your temper?”

  I press my lips together, my chest heaving up and down with the burning anger boiling in my chest. “Don’t toy with me Jonathan.” I said his name with a snarl.

  “Okay [n/n] I–”

  “DON’T call me that! We’re sure as hell not friends.” I spat as I cut him off mid-sentence.

  “Okay big A.M.I.!” He said rolling his eyes. I give him a confused look and he grinned. “It stands for Anger Management Issue.” He chuckled at his joke and I roll my eyes.

  “Get on with it Jon-Douche.” I say with a grin.

  He got angry for a moment and then said. “Now, lemme see if I can remember your questions… hmmm…” He rubs his chin, staring at me with amusement. “Oh okay, I remember! First question, ‘where did I take youu’? Um well, duh every awesome villain has a lair. Even in the sewers.” I look at him unimpressed and emotionless, getting tired of the games already.

  “SECOND question, I dragged you here on a cardboard box. Which by the way, you need to form some kind of diet plan, cause WOO! You were a heavy one.” I let out a huff of breath and let him continue. “So would you like some coffee? It may take Flash a while to look for you.” He said getting up and grabbing his coffee cup. “I make excellent coffee!”

  “Anything made from you, probably tastes worse than roadkill.” I snapped.

  “Man you’re buzz kill.” He said with a chuckle. He began to pour cream and sugar in his coffee. “Really, my coffee’s are amazing! You sure are missing out.”

  “You’re not answering my question!” I say with irritation.

  “Oh the last one seemed to have slipped my mind. Enlighten me A.M.I.!” He said turning around mixing his coffee.

  “What did you do to Barry?” I asked behind my clenched teeth.

  “Ohh! Give me a minute. I’ll answer that after a sip of my delicious coffee!” He said with a chuckle as he threw his spoon on the table.

  Jonathan sat down on his chair, swung one leg over the other, settled back. Then let out a long slow sigh. Then slow put his cup up to his mouth and slowly slurped up a sip. The sound of his slurp echoing off the walls.

  He let’s out a satisfied sigh and smiles. “Damn I’m good!” He exclaimed with glee. “Alright now I’m ready to answer your question. So what happened to your boy toy? Well, let’s just say he’s seen better days.”

  My heart pounded hard against my chest. Blood burning hot through my veins. “What did you do to him?” I practically shouted.

  “Oh he’s probably suffering unimaginable pain right about now.” He let’s out a dream-like sigh.

  “Damn it Jonathan!” I scream as I quickly stand up and run towards the cage door. The restraints pulled my arms back, pain began rushing through my arms, but I didn’t care. I pulled as hard as I could forward. “If you hurt him, I’m going to kill you in the most painful way possible!”

  “Oh calm down [n/n].” He said chuckling. I screamed as he called me by my nickname and then kicked the cage door. “Woah, woah calm down.” He said shaking his head. “I honestly have no clue where he’s at. Probably happy I set him free from your anger. Seriously girl, you’re gonna bend the gate.”

  There was a loud bang from one of the tunnels, making you and Jonathan jump. His lips curled into a twisted wide smile. “Perfect.”

  He threw his coffee down a small pit and runs up to his table, he scooped up keys and walked to the cage door. “See these?” He said jingling the keys in front of your face in front of the gate. “Lucky they left the key behind for this thing, huh?”


  Another one, you jump and look to the left. Jonathan began hastily unlocking the door, the swinging the gate open. I began to backup as quickly as he was striding over. He tried to grab me, but I ducked and used the chains to trip him. He fell with a grunt and quickly got up.

  I backed up again and then I hear another loud bang, this time closer. “C’mere.” He growled furiously.

  I pull away any chance he has to grab at me, until he gets frustrated and shoots volts of electricity through the chains. I cry out in pain as the electricity traveled up my arm. I fall to my knees, tears burning my eyes. He pulled my arms up hastily after stopping the current and unlocked the cuffs from the chains, but I am still restrained with the cuffs..

  “No!” I shout pulling away. He grabs me forcefully and pushes me to the ground. “Agh! S-stop!” I scream. BANG! This one was so close, the ground shook.

  “I’m too late now. Damn it, [y/n]!” He punch me on the back of the head, making me feel light-headed and super dizzy. He gets up and locks the cage gate. “Guess this’ll just have to work.” He says.

  I look up, everything hazing. But I can definitely see spark. A gust of wind follows a red streak that stops behind Jonathan. “Well hey Sparky!” The red figure says in a disguised voice.

  “Hey, Flashy. You remember my brother? The one you beat up and never been heard from since?” Jonathan spat. Your vision began to clear and you see Barry– well Flash.

  “Vaguely.” Flash says expressionless. “Listen, let her go. She has nothing to do with this.”

  “Oh she has plenty! She’s a little snitch.” Jonathan said with a voice that could be mistaken for insanity. “She’s the one who fed you all the little tips of where you can find him and his business. Oh you will not be the only one dying tonight Flashy-boy.”

  “No one is dying tonight Jonathan.” Flash says trying to calm Jonathan down.

  “That’s what you think.” He shoots lightning at Flash, who quickly dodges it. “Ooh you’re so FAST!” I slowly began to sit up, watching Flash fight Jonathan, hoping he doesn’t get too arrogant. “Stand still!” Jonathan said shooting strike after strike at Flash.

  “Too fast for ya!” Flash said mocking him and then running around Jonathan.
   Flash punches Jonathan so hard, that he flies backwards on the ground, sliding 10 feets from where he stood. Flash punched Jonathan two more times, to where Jonathan goes limp. Flash stops and speeds over to the cage grate. I run to the gate, putting my hand on the cage door, my fingers wrapping over the squares.

  “Barry.” I whisper when I lean my head on the cage.

  “I’m getting you out of here. I promise.” Flash said with a nod of reassurance.

  “Flash! Look ou-” A loud zapping sound rang in your ears and hit Flash in the back. He cried out in pain as a current of electricity wraps around his chest. He fell on his hands and knees groaning in pain and anger. “Flash. Flash get up!” I said in a hurried tone as Jonathan makes his way to Flash. “Hurry, hurry get up!” I scream as I pounded against the cage.

  Flash finally mustered up the strength to get up, before Jonathan shocks him again. Making Flashes cries of pain echo through the room. “NO!!” I cry out. “No, please. Please stop! Leave him alone. You’re right Jonathan, I snitched. Kill me, not him.”

  Jonathan stopped. Flash fell to the ground, coughing. “You would risk your life for a masked man!” Jonathan laughed. “Oh wow, you are so, so pathetic. Wow!” He wiped a tear of laughter and shook his head. “Honestly I don’t care for sacrifices, so yeah. He’s dying.”

  “No!” I scream, hitting the cage hard with my hands.

  Jonathan grins and steps over Flash, flipping him over on his back. Flash grunted in response and looked up at Jonathan. “Let’s see who’s hiding, eh?” I clenched my fists just as he pulled off Flash’s mask to show Barry. “Oh my–” Jonathan covers his mouth to stifle his laughter. “You.” He looks at me. “A-and you!” He looks at Barry and the laughs.

  “This just keeps getting better!” He shouts with excitement.

  “You’re insane.” I say shaking my head.

  “Oh no, I’m sane.” He said, his voice suddenly dark. He looked at me and then unlocked that gate. I shake my head backing up. “Let me show you how insane I can be.” He opens the door and starts heading towards me.


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