Injured Pt.6 (Newt X Reader)

Part 6

  You kneel down to Ben, who moaned in pain, trying to push away your aiding hands. “Where has he been stung?” You asked the surrounding Glader’s.

  Minho stepped forward, sweat drenching his shirt and pours from his face. “I caught the slinthead tryin’ to climb one of the wall!” Minho shouted in outrage. “He slipped and landed on the ground, then that’s when a shuckin’ Griever shows up! The Griever practically took Ben away. This slinthead is lucky that I was there.”

  Jeff, Clint, Newt and Chuck finally made here one by one. Jeff and Clint kneel down around Ben checking his pulse and fever. Ben tried to push everyone away, wailing in pain. You shove his arms down onto his chest and looked back to Minho.

  “That’s an amazing story Minho!” You say with an angry force. “Now I could really use some useful information, by you telling me where he got stung!” Minho rolled his eyes, leaned down and lifted up his shirt.

  It was so revolting, but you’ve learned how to keep the bile down. No matter how much it wanted to come up. You take in a deep breath and release. “Get him to the Homestead, will ya?” You say pushing yourself up. “I’ll get some stuff prepared for him.”

  You half-run and half-jog your way to the Homestead, leaving the others to bring Ben over. You bolt up the stairs, pushing aside a Glader who was coming down the stairs. You don’t even bother to apologize. You prepare the serum and the cool wet rags. Even some restraints, just in case.

  Just like an alarm, Ben’s wails and screams became so loud that you heard it in the Homestead. It’s started. You hear his screams and thrashes as he’s being pulled up the stairs to make it to the medical room. You hear the constant shouting at one to another of Glader’s to hurry up.

  They pull Ben through the doorway and placed him on the bed. Ben has already become pale and his vein are starting to lift and turn green. You cringe at the site, but you shake it off. You quickly look for any weapons that he could have on him, he has a hammer and a small knife. How’d he this? You asked yourself as you place it on the table.

  You grab the serum and the cool wet rags. Ben thrashed around, clocking Clint in the nose. “Hold him still guys. Just for a second!” You try to encourage. Clint wiped at his nose and crimson liquid began to trickle down his left nostril.

  You frown at Clint, but quickly pay attention to Ben as Clint grabs Ben’s forearm. “Would you slinthead’s just shucking help!” You shout to the other three Glader’s who helped carry Ben in.

  Shockingly, James was part of that group. They held onto his arms and legs. Trying to hold him still, you prepare for the worst though. He could get loose somehow. You quickly grab onto his wrist and jab the needle into his arm. Ben let’s out a scream of pain. He pulls one of his arms away and then a solid pain goes through the side of your head.

  You let out a shout and fall to the side. James lets go of Ben’s leg and goes to your aid. The side of your head throbs and everything feels like its spinning. “[y/n], are you okay?” He asks, grabbing onto your arm for support.

  “I’m fine. Just let go, James.” You say pushing yourself up and brushing James’ hand away. You grab onto the side of your head and backed up from the Glader’s who slowly release Ben as he calms down.

  They all are drenched with sweat and Clint’s nose has gotten worse. Jeff quickly aided as soon as Ben’s last restraint was tied down. You sat on a stool and waited for James to get you an ice-pack.

  “Is Clint okay?” You ask nodding to Jeff who is checking the bridge of Clint’s nose.

  “Yeah, he’s going to be fine.” He said nodding as he concentrates. “His nose isn’t broken. So that’s a good sign.”

  “It sure does feel like it…” Clint groaned as Jeff pinched the bridge of Clint’s nose.

  “Oh shuck it you baby.” Jeff says rolling his eyes. “Just pinch the bridge of your nose and hold the gauze under your nose so you don’t make a mess.”

  Clint held the gauze and pinched the bridge of his nose with a glare to Jeff. Jeff made his way to you and checked the side of your head. “Good news! There’s no blood or lump. So there shouldn’t be too much brain damage.”

  You shove on Jeff’s shoulder playfully and he chuckles. “Seriously though. You took that punch like a champ.”

  “That’s what I do.” You say flexing your arm mockingly. Then James came in with an ice-pack and quickly handed it to you. “Thank you, James!” You sigh with relief as you held it against your head. You leans against the wall and closed your eyes. The relief of the ice-pack was like the best thing you’ve had in ages.

  James and Jeff did some small talk until Alby comes in and tells James to go back to work. Alby had Clint take the rest of the day off since he’s lost a lot of blood and he began to feel light-headed. Jeff after a while gave you some pain reliever and had you sit on one of the medical beds so you could relax.

  Newt came in and sat next to you on the medical bed after a couple hours. “Doing alright?” He asked with a concerned look.

  “Yeah, I’m better now.” You say with a nod as you lean forward. “The throbbing practically stopped and the headache has gone away. So I’m actually ready to work.” You push yourself off the bed and checked on Ben’s pulse. (Since Jeff’s wasn’t here to check. He had to go check on Clint.)

  The vein began popping up more and he began moaning in pain and mumbling unidentifiable words. The wet rage on his forehead wasn’t so cool anymore, and his temperature is still warm. You wetted the rag with cool water again and then put the rag on Ben’s head. Newt leaned on the wall next to the doorway, smiling at you.

  “Do you ever know when to stop?” He asked practically chuckling.

  “Do you?” You counter playfully as you raise a brow. Newt nodded in defeat and pushed away from the wall. “How’s your hand?” You ask glancing over to his hand that’s still slightly red.

  Newt looked at his hand and shrugged. “It’s fine.” He said without thought. You nod, not really sure what to say next.

  “Well it looks like Jeff, Clint and I will have to switch our night stays here again…” You say with a sympathetic look to Ben. “Shouldn’t the new Greenie be arriving soon?” You ask Newt who fiddles with his fingers.

  “Yeah. In about two or three days.” Newt says with a nod. You nod and frown. Just another person to share our pain… You thought with a frown. “Are you sure that  you’re okay?” Newt asked as he began to lace his fingers into yours.

  You nod and squeeze his hand, leaning on his arm with a sudden pang of sadness waving over you. “I just want this all to end…” You say with a depressed sigh.

  “It will, [y/n].” Newt says sharing your sigh. “We’ll find a way out. I promise.”


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