Caged Pt.3 (Barry Allen/The Flash X Reader)

Part 3

Just to note this version of the Flash was based on CW’s TV show. 

   “Back off!” I shout, hitting Jonathan with both of my arms, trying to use my cuffs as a weapon. Jonathan blocked my last attempt and grabbed me, spinning me around and pulling me backwards out through the cage door.

 “B-Barry!” I call out to him as I try to pull away from Jonathan.

“Oh yes, call for him. That’s gonna work.” Jonathan said in a near sarcastic tone. He throws me down onto the ground, a shock of pain hit the right side of my body and the side of my head.

I groan and quickly try to get up. Jonathan pulls me up and pushes me hard forward towards Barry. I land on my arm and a tears leaked down my cheek. Barry filled with obvious anger tried to get up.

“Oh don’t even try it.” Jonathan said, pulling my hair to have me stand up. I scream in pain and try to get out of his grasp. “I’m gonna fry her if you even budge.” Barry looks at Jonathan, anger burning through his eyes. “Haha what am I saying? I’m gonna do that anyway.”

My eyes widen and I try to punch Jonathan a second too late. He sends currents through my body. Nothing but pain spread through my body, I couldn’t even contain the scream that scratched up my throat. I just screamed and the longer it lasted, the more it hurt. Jonathan let me go, and let me hit the floor.

“Please!” I somehow mustered a word in between my screams.

Somehow everything just stopped. Tears seemed to be just streaming from my eyes, pain still tingling all over my body. Sweat poured from every pore of my body, my breathing shaking as much as my body shaked.

I heard a clank of metal against concrete and I flinch. My body shaking like a leaf in the wind, I still find strength to look up and see Jonathan swinging a pipe on Barry. Tears drenched my cheeks, I feel absolutely helpless. Barry cries out in pain as he got hit on the leg, then the chest. Barry moans in pain as he held onto his chest.

 Jonathan was going to swing one more time. I had to do something. “Stop, please!” I said practically in a sob. He turned around and I suddenly felt very cold, almost like all the heat drained from my body.

A smile curled on his lips and he turned back around to Barry. “I don’t care if I die when I do this, but it’s going to be worth it.” He says with a shaky voice. He turns the pipe down towards Barry’s chest. I cried out louder, hoping for something to happen. Just as Jonathan swung the tip of the pipe down towards Barry, blue lightening zips by and the pipe is out of Jonathan’s hands.

“What did I tell you?” A deep voice asks. Jonathan shrieks and falls backwards. I look up and see a black figure… Zoom.

 “I-I know. I was just kidding!” Jonathan said in a terrified tone. “See? He’s unharmed! Don’t worry; everything is going your way. Promise!” Zoom suddenly appears at Jonathan’s feet and is holding his throat. “No, no please! I’ll do anything you want. Gimme a second chance.” Jonathan pleaded.

 “I don’t give second chances.” Zoom said and then stuck his hand through Jonathan’s chest. I screamed in horror and watched his lifeless body fall to the ground. Zoom then looked at me with his cold solid black eyes.

 My breathing quickens, to the point where I felt like I couldn’t catch up with my own breaths. I’m blink and suddenly my feet are off the ground and fingers wrapped around my throat. I gasped for breath, squeezing Zoom’s arm.

“I’m not going to kill you.” He says cocking his head sideways. Tears once again ran down my face, my body shaking from not only the pain I felt, but the fear that is consuming me. “Not yet.” He puts me on my feet and makes me face Barry.

 Barry cheeks drenched in tears, I can see his broken leg from what Jonathan has done. “D-Don’t take her from me.” Barry said behind gritted teeth.

“I won’t.” Zoom said, wrapping his am tightly around my chest and pulling me close. My chest heaved up and down; I could only look at Barry, for he was my only light in this situation. “I’ll make a reason for you to be like me.”

Everything just happened too fast. All I knew is that I fell to the ground after hearing a loud crack. Then pain. Pain shot through my back, a pain that was worse than what I’ve ever felt. I couldn’t even breathe. I lay on my stomach, the side of my face planted on the cold cement. My gaze never left Barry, whose face turned as red as his suit with anger.

 He stood up, on one leg, his other dangled useless. I tried so hard to breathe, my lungs burned for air. Then a shock of my lungs finally got air, I gasped helplessly, filling my lungs to their max. My own exhale took me by surprise, I cried out into a sob. Gasping for air again and then letting it go in a sob. The pain became too much for me to contain anymore.

  I closed my eyes, balling my hands in to a fist. I began to feel lightheaded after every intake of breath. “[y/n], [y/n], it’s okay.” I heard Barry’s voice in between my sobs. “You’re going to be okay. Just, please stay with me.” I open my eyes looking at Barry, he seemed too afraid to even lay a hand on me.

 I reached my hand slightly to him; he takes my hand in his. I squeeze his hand, trying to hold on to anything I have left. But my world is spinning. I can feel myself losing everything. Everything just seems to get darker and darker. The world is nothing but shadows. All I can feel is the pain consuming me and Barry’s hand. Barry’s… smile, his face. That’s all I can hold on to. Everything slips into the silent darkness.


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