Injured Pt.7 (Newt X Reader)

Part 7

  Ben’s condition hasn’t gotten much better. But that’s expected since he’s gotten stung two days ago. He honestly looks revolting, his pale experience looking like all life has been drained out of him, his veins looking like green throbbing ropes on his body. Where he got stung is so purple and swollen.

  Even you have to take a step out of the room to get away every once in a while. Last night you to the night shift, it’s Clint’s turn now. You sat on the stool next to Ben, tapping your foot as you look at a little note that Jeff and Clint left you. You’ve been alone all morning, except the loud snores that Ben occasionally blurts out.

  They’re telling you the basics of how to treat Ben, which it irritating cause you already know, but Jeff and Clint are gonna be helping the Builder’s do some heavy lifting. Well actually that’s what they wrote, but doesn’t mean they are. They’re just gonna be there just in case the Builder’s need any medical attention right on spot.

  You see something silver speed by the corner of your eye, you look at it to catch it running out of the crack of the window. “Good to know you guys are still watching.” You say rolling your eyes.

  That silver thing is a beetle blade and it’s what the Creator’s use to watch you and the Glader’s. It’s quite annoying to see them actually, because it’s a hateful reminder that you’re still trapped in the maze where that horrible creature called a Griever roams. Waiting to kill it’s next victim every night.

  You get up from the stool and begin to start heading down the hall, the you remember you can’t leave. You like being a med-jack and all but it gets so boring on the quiet days. You just wanna go back and work as a track-hoe again. You miss working with James and you miss the continuous work.

  You walk back to the medical room and let out a sigh of boredom. You look at the medical counter, you’ve already sorted that out three times. You look at Ben, he’s perfectly fine. You look around for maybe a mess to clean, but it’s already as clean as you can get it. You let out a small groan of frustration and sit down on a medical cot.

  You hear three taps on the doorframe and quickly look to see if it’s someone who need medical attention. But it’s just Newt. You look down again and then the thought of the person being Newt  fully processed. It’s Newt! You look up with relief and walked to Newt.

  “Hey, are you a-” Newt said but gets interrupted by you giving him a hug. “… alright?” You pull away and give Newt a sigh. “What’s the matter with you?” He asked walking in with you.

  “There’s nothing to do.” You say with an exhausted tone as you rake your hair back. Newt nods in understanding and sits on a random stool. “So, what are you doing here?” You ask the obvious question.

  Newt shrugs and looks at Ben. “Checking on you.” He said casually, his brown hypnotizing eyes trail to yours. You grin and fiddle with your fingers sheepishly. “Why do you always do that when I say something about you?” Newt asked with a small laugh.

  You shrug, scratching at the dirt that somehow sticked on your finger nail. “Is there a way that you could maybe convince Alby and the Keepers to allow me back into the fields?” You asked giving him the puppy eyes you rarely use on him.

  “Why?” He asked with a confused look on his face. You fold your arms and give him a tired look. “Oh. Yeah. Sure, I’ll see what I can do.” He says with a nod.

  “Thanks Newt.” You say pulling a stool up next to him so you could have a seat.

“It’s no problem.” He says shrugging. “How’s Ben been holding up?” You frown at Ben who has been practically wailing in pain every night. During the day he just mutters words or snores or groan.

  “I don’t know. I’ve never seen the Changing take such a toll on someone before.” You say with a frown. “I don’t think it’s getting any better.” You lean your head on Newt’s shoulder. “I feel useless… I can’t help him.” Newt takes your hand in his and squeezes it. “There’s gotta be a way out of the maze. I don’t think I can take much more of this…”

  You really do feel helpless, seeing these people like these on occasions, but more often than before. Seeing Glader’s hoping, dreaming for something that feels like a lost hope. To find a way out of the maze. There’s no way you and the Glader’s can do this forever.

  “Hey… [y/n].” Newt says, grabbing your attention. You look up at him, pulling away from his shoulder. “Don’t lose hope yet. There’s a way out. That’s why we have Runner’s, like Minho. They’re trying their hardest everyday to find a way out.” He lets go of your hand and places his hand on the side of your face.

  You let out a sigh and a small grin. “I know.” You practically whisper. “I just want a way out of here…” Newt looked at you with the look of sadness in his eyes. Even he’s frustrated.

  But who wouldn’t be? What is this even for anyway? You lean your forehead against Newt’s and let out another sigh, but this one was more calm and slow. Newt pulled your jaw forward into his lips touch yours, filling you ecstasy. You press your lips against his. Footsteps in the hallway make you and Newt push away from each other.

  You stand up just in time as someone walks into the doorway. You didn’t even bother looking, you just act like you’re attending to Ben. “Hey Newt, what are you doing in here?” It was Clint, and he sounded really confused.

  “Oh just asking ol’ [y/n] how Ben’s doing.” Newt said casually. You place your hand on Ben’s forehead and Ben’s hand clasps around your wrist.

  You let out a yelp and try to pull away, but Ben’s grip on you is too strong. “They’re going to kill us!” Ben shouts, making spit fly everywhere. “They’re going to kill us! We’re not safe!”

  “Ben, let go of me. You’re hurting me!” You try to say as calmly as possible as tears threaten to come out of your eyes. Ben squeeze’s your wrist harder you let out cry. “Agh! Ben, let go of men!” You began to pull away from Ben, but his grip is too strong.

  And as if Newt and Clint read your mind, they began to try and pry Ben’s hand off your wrist. Clint pushed Ben’s shoulders down and Newt began to try and pry off Ben’s fingers. “Ben, you’re hurting her!” Newt shouted.

   “We’re all going to die!” Ben shouts in a horrific tone.

   “Ben, what are you talking about?” Clint shouted to Ben.

   “Now’s not exactly the time, Clint!” You say viciously. Clint shaked his hand and pushed Ben back down. Newt used so much strength to pry off Ben’s fingers, his muscles began to tense in his arm. “Ben – stop it!” You shout.

Your anger gets the better of your and with your free arm, you punch Ben in the shoulder as hard as you could. Ben lets out a shout and release your wrist, making you and Newt fly back. You land over Newt’s stomach, he let’s out a groan and you quickly get up.

  “Sorry Newt…” You say with a frown. You hear Ben’s scream out, this time in pain. You run to Ben and pounced up on top of him. Using your legs to hold his legs down, at least the best you could. You held his chest down with your right forearm and used your free arm to pin his other hand. “Newt, it would be helpful if you get someone!”

  “I know, I know I’m on it!” Newt says with a huff as he is already heading out the door.

  You and Clint wrestled with Ben to keep him pinned down for only probably two minutes. Sweat began to make your close stick to your body, it leaked down your forehead. “Newt, would you shucking hurry up!” You shout to no one in particular.

  As if he was on cue, him and three other Glader’s appeared in the doorway. You look over at the doorway to long, Ben’s arm slipped out of your sweaty hands and he grabbed the collar of your shirt.

  “Ben, no!” Newt and the other Glader’s shout in unison.

  Newt grabbed your waist and tried to pull you off, Ben pulled you forward by your collar. You punch him in his forearm and he lets go again, sending you into Newt’s chest. You both pant and you wipe the sweat off your forehead. You watch the other three Glader’s pin Ben down. One of them’s Alby, another is Winston, and another one you don’t recall meeting.

  “Ow, ow, ow.” You say as Newt’s thumb began to dig into your ribcage.

  “Sorry.” Newt letting you go. “Are you alright?” You nod and gave him a huff of breath.

  Ben started to try and grab at the other Glader’s, mostly at Alby and Clint since they’re by his face. You run in and try to help but Alby orders. “No, stay back. We can take care of this!” You nod and back away from Alby and the others. “Newt, make sure things stay in order will you!”

  “Okay.” Newt said backing away slowly to the doorway. He gestures you to follow before he turned on his heels. You both walk down the stairs together, you out of breath and needing fresh air. “Not enough to do, huh?” He asked with a quiet chuckle.

  You shoot him a look and then you roll your eyes. “Shut up.” You say shaking your head, quickening your pace to get to the door. You open the door and a light breeze brushes against your warm and sweaty skin. “That’s better.” You say taking in a deep breath.

  “Let me go get you some water.” Newt said having you sit under a tree. “After that I have to go and-”

  “Go and do your thing.” You finish for him with a smile. “I get it. It’s fine.” He nods and then heads to Frypan’s shack to get you some water. Chuck, the Greenie and new slopper of the Glades, approached you.

  “Is everything okay?” He asked putting his hands on his hips. You nod and take in another deep breath, closing your eyes. “I heard Ben scream. Is he having another episode again?”

  “Yes, Chuck.” You say irritated. Chuck frowned at you and you felt guilt fall into the pit of your stomach. “I’m sorry… I just- It’s been a long day.” Chuck nodded in understanding.

  “It’s okay.” He said with a sigh. You feel bad for him, he’s practically a child… Yet he is thrown in here. It’s horrible. Why would anyone do that to such a kid? Someone called out to Chuck and he groaned. “Aaand that’s my cue.” He said walking back to wherever he came from.

  Newt came back with your water and you both exchanged a few words, then he was off doing what he’s gotta do. You sipped that water slowly, each sip was a relief. After you finish your water, you drop the cup back off at Frypan’s and run back to the Homestead to see how Ben’s doing. He’s definitely stopped screaming.

  You enter the room see Jeff and Clint talking, as if the Ben’s episode never happened. “Hey [y/n], took long enough!” Clint said with a huff.

  “Sorry, needed a-”

  “Yeah, it’s fine.” Clint said brushing it off. “Ben finally shut up… Man he puts up a fight.” You smile and nod, lacing your finger into your back pockets.

  “Greenie should be arriving any time soon.” Jeff said looking at the watch on his wrist. You nod and look at your watch as well. “Wonder who’s gonna be the poor sap to take care of him and show him the hoops.” You shrug and you honestly don’t care.

  You, Clint and Jeff talked for a little while as you sat on your individual stools in the room across from where Ben is. He should be out for the rest of the day, so he shouldn’t be a problem. You all exchange some small laughs and you listen to what Jeff and Clint had to say about what the Builder’s were doing.

  It was nothing too interesting. But what else was there to talk about? An hour of talking and sometimes laughing faded into silence after a while. Jeff went to go check on the medical supply, Clint went downstairs to hear what the other Glader’s were yapping about and you went to go check on Ben.

   And just like an alarm to drop what you’re doing, that loud wailing of a siren went off. The new Greenie’s arrived! You run out of the room, down the stairs and out of the Homestead and to those doors that brought you here. That brought you to this nightmare of not remembering your past and the agonizing days of hope… a hope that’s being chipped a way to find a way out of the maze.


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