Caged Pt.4 (Barry Allen/The Flash X Reader)

Part 4

Just to note this version of the Flash was based on CW’s TV show.

  Something small is in my nostrils, something cool draped over my face and around my ears. The thing in my nose pushed out cool air in my nose. Warm blankets were tucked over my abdomen and I felt a cool tube on my right arm.

I open my eyes slowly, the light like daggers shooting at my eyes. I squint at the light, trying to adjust properly. I look to my right, seeing double vision because of my eyes trying to adjust. I follow the tube in my arm up to a metal type of hanger; it had an IV bag in it and a bottle of what looks to be medicine also attached to the tube.

  I blink and suddenly I see Zoom. I scream and began to try to get up to only notice, I couldn’t move my legs. Worst yet, I couldn’t feel them! The machines were going crazy, and my chest began to tighten. I gasped for air and I looked at the doorway, my vision blurring on the dark shadow that was Zoom. Someone grabbed my shoulders and suddenly Zoom disappeared.

  I quickly look over at the person who is holding my shoulders and it’s Barry. The door swung open to have a doctor run in. “B-Barry!” I gasp, trying to catch my breath.

  “I’m here, [n/n]. I’m here.” He said as he held my hand in his.

  “Ms. [last name], listen to me.” The doctor said to me. But all I could focus on is Barry. I squeezed his hand tightly, trying to collect myself. “[y/n], do you know where you are?” I stared a Barry, tears welling up in my eyes. “Barry, I’m sorry but can you—“

  “Can we just give her a minute?” Barry asked looking a little frustrated at the doctor. The doctor fell silent and Barry then looked at me. “[n/n], you’re safe, okay? You’re with me and you’re taken care of. Everything is okay.” I stared right into his eyes, feeling that warmth he always made me feel somehow.

  “B-Barry, I saw—“ I start, but then stop. “He-he was—“

  “You’re safe. I’m here with you.” Barry repeated. “No one is here to hurt you.” Barry seemed to have been trying to hide an emotion in his eyes, but I can feel his emotion. He was angry and hurt. I know he’s hiding something.

  “Wh-what happened?” I asked in between breaths.

  The doctor then spoke. “You were brought here four days ago. You were in critical condition, we almost couldn’t save you.” The doctor started. “We um… we tried everything we possibly could to prevent the injuries to go any further, but there was nothing we could do.” Barry’s expression turned to pain instantly.

  “Ms. [last name]… I’m sorry, but you are paralyzed from your hips and below.” The doctor announced in a sorrowful tone. Tears rolled down my cheeks as quickly as they welled up. I stared at Barry, biting my lower lip.

  Barry also had tears welling up in his eyes. He sat on my bedside and I quickly pull him down into a tight hug and cried into his shoulder. Barry held onto me tighter, he started sniffling, probably trying to not cry. He rocked me side to side, rubbing my back. The doctor I think is still there, just staying silent.

  “I’m sorry…” The doctor said again.

  I just cried into Barry’s shoulder, not even caring for the doctor’s words. I didn’t know what to do, I’m scared, confused. Everything just feels like a never ending nightmare. I gripped part of Barry’s shirt into my fist as I tried to collect myself again.

  “Just give us a little bit, please.” Barry said in a strained and shaky tone. I heard the shifting of feet and then the door closing.

  “Barry… I saw him…” I say, beginning to shake even more. “I saw Zoom. I thought I—“

  “[y/n], he wasn’t here.” Barry said in a whisper. “I’ve been here practically every second you’ve been here. He hasn’t been here once.”

  My shaking doesn’t stop. “Barry, am I going crazy…?”

  Barry shakes his head against my shoulder. “No.” He said, his voice somehow calming me down. “You’ve been through a lot…” I close my eyes and take in a deep breath.

  “What am I going to do Barry?” I asked with a sigh. “Everything’s changed now… And I—“

  “We’re going to fix this [y/n].” Barry said cutting in. He pulled away and held the side of my face in his hand. “It’s my fault that you’re this way, which is why I promise you. I’m going to find a way to fix this.” His eyes are filled with determination and anger.

  “I promise, I’ll somehow get you walking again.” A tear rolled down my cheek and he wiped it away. Barry pulled me into a hug and then he planted a long kiss on the top of my head.

  “Barry…” I say in a small voice.

  Barry gave me a faint grin and then planted a kiss on my lips. I kiss him back, wrapping my arms around his neck. He pulled away, I don’t let go of him. He pulled me into an embrace; I nuzzle my nose on his neck and leaned the side of my head on his shoulder.

  “I love you, so much.” Barry said, his voice straining to keep himself from crying. I squeeze him tighter and I close my eyes letting out a long peaceful sigh.

  “I love you too, bear.” I say, feeling my cheeks getting warm.

  He rubs my back in a slow circular motion, making me feel more and more calm. I’m trying to comprehend how I don’t feel my legs. It’s just so hard to even believe that I wake up and have a feeling like nothing is there. My hand slides off of Barry, and I squeeze my leg to see if I feel it at all. I felt nothing, nothing on my leg. The only thing that had feeling was my fingertips skimming the skin on my legs.

  My mind goes blank and a tear rolled down the side of my face. “[y/n].” Barry says, snapping me out of my own thoughts. “I have every intention to help you with this.” His eyes did not leave mine.

  Barry nuzzle his nose on mine, making me smile. I close my eyes and lean on his forehead. The door opens, making Barry and I jump and push away. “Darling, the hospital called!” It was my dad. “I’m so relieved!” He said pulling me into a tight hug.

 “Dad, you’re crushing me!” I say, trying to force my voice out of my crushed lungs.

  He rubbed my arm and smiled at me. “Baby girl… I’m so sorry, you do not deserve this.” He said looking at me with a pained look in his eyes. “You’re so pure, yet this city tore you apart.”

  “Dad… it’s okay.” I say with a smile. “I’ll be fine. I’ve got you, Barry, the guys at S.T.A.R. Labs. We’ll figure everything out, okay?” I hug my father and kiss him on the cheek. “Don’t worry about me, okay? Just go home, and get some rest. I know you work long nights.” I squeeze my dad’s hand and give him a reassuring smile. “I’m being taken care of. Barry is here, he’ll get me back home.”

  “Nothing means more to me, then to be here with my baby girl.” Dad said placing his hand on the side of my face. His gaze than turns to Barry, your stomach felt like a deep endless pit. “Barry, I just want you to know how much I appreciate you being here for my daughter, especially since I couldn’t be here for her. You truly are a great young man.” He reached over me and shook Barry’s hand.

  “No sir, thank you for not murdering me so I can be with your daughter.” Barry said with a smile. They both shared a small laugh and then the doctor came in.

  The doctor gave us details about what I’m going to have to put into my life. Like custom built ramps in the house, how I may need help with a lot of things in the beginning, trying to build up my upper body and core strength, and lastly look into moving in with someone for the time being. There was a lot that needed to be said, I almost couldn’t consume it all.

  I felt very overwhelmed, and being told that tomorrow they will let me go home made me feel even worse. I’m not even ready to take this on, and I felt really scared. I couldn’t sleep that night, even though Barry laid his head on my lap and slept holding my hand. It just didn’t make me feel as secure as I thought it would. I don’t even think I got an hour of sleep.

  The doctor’s had me sign paperwork, scheduled a doctor’s appointment and then had me wheeled out of there with my things. Barry helped me out with everything. It just felt so hard to focus on anything; I didn’t even notice Barry trying to make small talk with me at times.

  Barry broke the silence by saying. “If you don’t mind, we’re going to stop by Joe’s on our way to your apartment.”

  “Yeah sure, that’d be great!” I say feeling relieved not having to go to my apartment yet.

  Caitlin and Cisco pulled up. Barry picked me up, bridal style, off of my wheelchair and sat me in the back seat. He quickly helped Cisco fold the wheelchair and put it in the back of the vehicle, than sat next to me in the car. When we arrived at Joe’s, some routine, but in reverse basically.

  Joe is sitting on his front porch, sipping down to what you can only guess is some kind of tea in his cup. He quickly got up off of his seat as you wheeled yourself to the steps. Barry put on the brakes on the wheelchair, and then he and Joe picked up the wheelchair as I sat in it and lifted me up the steps. It was kind of a scary and wobbly ride, if I may be honest.

  Cisco held open the door and I felt very bad. “Guys, you don’t have to drop everything and do things for me…” I say with a frown.

  “And how would you expect to get up the steps?” Joe asked folding his arms. I open my mouth to say something, but then Caitlin cut in.

  “And load up in the car by yourself?” She added with raised brows.

  I look down feeling ashamed of myself. “Don’t worry about us. We’re here to keep you taken care of.” Barry said gesturing you to go into the house.

  I smiled at everyone and wheel myself in. Not even ten feet in, arms wrap around my neck and black hair is in my face tickles my face. “I’m so happy that we have you back!” Iris says by your ear. You smile and give her a small hug back. She pulls away with a wide smile planted on her face. “Come on, we got some cookies in the oven.” She said gesturing me to follow her to the dining room.

  I follow, maneuvering around stuff that best I can. It was slow, but it worked out. Barry zipped by, a gust of wind making my hair fly up. He pulled a chair away so I can pull up to the table. “Thanks.” I say smiling.

  “Anyone want a beer?” Joe asked stopping by the kitchen entrance.

  “Actually, [n/n] can’t have any alcohol with the medication she’s taking.” Barry said pulling a chair closer to me.

  “Oh! My bad…” Joe said with a shameful look.

  I shrugged and said. “I can live without alcohol for two weeks.” Barry smiled and held my hand in his.

  Everything was great that evening. We ate a snack, which was Iris’ fresh baked cookie. And then Joe cooked us a lemon chicken with mashed potatoes and corn. It really was a great night with everyone, with no interruptions for once. After a while I just felt a bit overwhelmed and asked if Barry could help me outside, without my wheelchair.

  He scooped me up out of my wheelchair; I wrapped my hands around his neck as he walked me to the door. I reached down to the door and twisted the knob, and then he pushed the door open. He then sat me down at the top step carefully and then sat next to me.

  “Better?” He asked leaning his head on the rail beams.

  “Thanks bear.” I say with a sincere smile. I scooted myself closer to Barry with my hands as easily as possible. I leaned on his shoulder, and he wrapped his arm around my shoulder. “It’s beautiful tonight.” I say, feeling the breeze brush against my skin.

  He nods against you head and the pecks a kiss on top of your head. Suddenly the front door opens; I looked around and see Joe come out. “Everything okay?” Joe asked.

  “Yeah, I just needed some fresh air.” I say looking up at Joe.

  Barry started tapping his foot and he seemed like something was bothering him. I look at him with furrowed brows and he shifted away a little. “[y/n]…” He said as his voice cracked.

  “Yeah?” I asked pulling away. He stood up and got to the bottom step.

  “I know this year has been hectic, and just all over the place.” Barry said scratching the back of his head. “And now you have to face a whole new challenge… And I…” He lets out a sigh and shoves his hands in his pockets, he rocks back and forth on his heels and tip toes. “After all of this, I have come to realize that you mean the world to me. I would die if I lost you.”

  “And… I…” He bites his lower lip as if he’s trying really hard to say something, but is struggling. I nod, assuring him that I’m listening. “Words can’t describe how much I love you… and…” He pulls his hands out of his pocket, one of his hands enclosing something. He struggled, but managed to get on one knee.

  I heard Joe gasp, and my heart was pounding so hard against my chest. A lump formed in my throat and my palms started getting clammy. “[y/f/n], it would mean the world to me, if you would give me the honor to—“ A tear rolls down my cheeks and I quickly wipe it away, “have your hand in marriage?” Barry held up a black box and then opened it up to reveal a ring.

  My hands shook uncontrollably; I felt big warmth in my heart that I could almost melt. I nodded my head, not being able to contain the smile that formed on my lips. “Yes.” I finally muster up. Barry lets out a sigh of relief, and then takes my hand in his and slides the ring on my finger.

  He picks me up and hugs me tightly, and I hug him just as tight. I hold Barry’s face in my hands and plant a long kiss on his lips. He kisses me back, holding me tightly. I then heard a sniffle and completely forgot Joe was there, apparently Barry did too.

  “Wow, Barry.” Joe said with a wide smile. “Congratulations you two.” He walked down the steps and hugged us both. I giggled and after Joe let go, I leaned my head against Barry’s shoulder.

  “Thanks.” Barry said with a wide smile. “So… about your apartments lease coming up?” Barry said casually and looked at me. “I’ve been thinking… since we affianced… Maybe you could move in with me?” I giggled and nod against his shoulder.

  “Of course, bear.” I said kissing his cheek.

  Barry and the others helped me pack up some of the things I needed and moved into Barry’s. Oh my goodness, the reaction of the whole group about Barry proposing to me, oh man I never seen the so ecstatic. They just hugged me and Barry multiple times and congratulated us. The team was so supportive. Despite our happiness, we still needed to prepare for the war that was coming. Zoom started a war, and Barry is intending to end it.


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